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Hi i am 6 months now post, Ivor Lewis oesophagectomy. I have gone through most of the same as many of you regarding post op problems as well as psychological traumas but just wanted to add a little piece regarding the future, I think after consideration my biggest failure was to admit to myself that i Am different physically and i wont be able to do exactly as i did pre op, instead of squash i now play golf ,Badly i hasten to add, instead of training for a marathon i walk steadily, longer, i supose what im trying to say is thank god for our fantastic surgeons, hospitals and nursing staff who have got us here today to at least live a life however restricted we feel we are, p.s im getting married to a beautifull lady in july, im 60 and know im going to give her company for a long time to come . good luck to you all with your ups and downs and please stay positive X

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  • Hi uncleg

    Congratulations on your good news. I must say I like your can do attitude, you are only six months post op and this is no time at all for the sort of operation we have gone through. Continue to stretch yourself but don’t push too hard because that will set you back. I decided to swap an engine in my wife’s car six months after the op, it was a satisfying thing to achieve but did I pay the price for it. I have since rebuilt my conservatory and carried out countless other DIY jobs. I work full time in an office and since last October I have been doing an extra job driving an articulated truck a couple of times a month; and no I could not do it every day but it gets me away from a computer screen and I enjoy it. Time is your best friend, so use it wisely and you will be surprised at what you can achieve. Last week I was five years post op.

    Keep up the good work, things will get better.


  • Hear Hear to both of you.

    We are unique and I am enjoying every moment of my new life.

    Best wishes


  • Edwina

    I am glad life is being good to you,


  • It is Steve, every day I realise what a lucky person I am, well, we all are. We have such wonderful surgeons now, and their skills are getting us through a very traumatic surgery. But I think WE are giving the surgeons the answers to so many of the post op problems this surgery brings. Thats why this OPA site is so wonderful. I know it has helped me so much, and hopefully will go on helping us all

    Edwina x

  • Hi

    So good to read messages from you all espeically the ones who underwent their ops many years ago.

    I am 3 months from my op and get a lot of reassurance from your posts as to be honest I feel as if I am going down hill from leaving the hospital. However I am gaining weight and sleep well but feel reluctant to undertake much at all. I try to walk everyday but this has been curtailed by spells of gout (something I had prior to my problem but which dissapeared when my 'diet' became so restricted).. I can see the jobs piling up but just don't feel up to doing them. Luckily I have the support of someone who has been through the same op some two years ago and with his help and yours I think I can make it and reach 77.

  • 3 months post are just a baby, be easy on yourself, Its a long road to recovery, it takes around 15 months for any normality (such as it is) but you will improve gradually, take one job at a time, or better still get someone in to help.

  • well done all of you, i get positive vibes every time i hear your stories and reply's, thank god for this site and everybody that wants to share thier experiences, PS im hoping to go back to work in a couple of weeks im nursing so i will be able to give something back for what ive recieved from the NHS, good luck again

  • It is quite natural and normal to think differently about things some months after the surgery. If we knew then what we know now, we might have done things differently, but there again we got through it all be desperately wanting to get back to our previous state of health and fitness. I think that being able to listen to our bodies is a skill that does take a long time to develop, and the time scale for achieving a full recovery is far longer than we would have thought at the time. But if we have to concentrate on priorities in life, that has a good side as well. Congratulations to you and Mrs Uncleg on your wedding!

  • I am 6 months post op and live in Spain. I found this forum and it has given me hope reading your comments as I had no one to talk to out here about my problems. The medical staff out here are fantastic as is the speed of treatment. I have gone through everything people are talking about and still am as I am sure I don't have to tell all of you. I thought I had a problem with having the pain and nausea. Reading all your comments has given me hope and reassurance for the future. Cannot believe all of those who had their op's 10 or more years ago still have problems. I am an optimist and always will be.

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