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CT scan has found a possible small lesion

I had an three cycles of ECX chemotherapy, an ivor lewis 6 months ago followed by a clear up three cycles of ECX chemotherapy that finished three weeks ago. I had my final CT scan two weeks ago and have just had the report over the phone. It apparently shows I may have developed a small lesion on my liver that did not show up back in September. I have been told that I am to have an MR scan to check this possible lesion out. I am obviously concerned, anyone have any experience of this.


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Yes we had something similar Phil - a scan picked up an enlarged lymph node close to the pancreas as well as an abnormal area on the liver - they did not seem unduly concerned although we were very. It was scanned again a couple if months later and the node had shrunk and liver abnormality completely gone- sadly we have since had a recurrence but it is at the original site and no liver involvement at all. No point telling you not to worry cos you will but what I will say is that often these things just disappear. Keep us informed - thinking of you. Lyn


Thanks Lyn,

Sorry to hear about your recurrence, it's what we all fear, I hope your treatment is a success and your wedding goes ahead, I will be praying for you.

You are right Maggie and I are both now worried but you have taken some of the sting out, thanks so much for that.

All my best wishes



Hi Phil

Sorry I can't offer any advice as I dont have any experience of it. I would just like to wish you well and hope it turns out to be nothing to worry about.

Kind Regards



Thanks Steve.

Your good wishes are much appreciated.

Yours sincerely



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