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Hi Everyone

I am only asking this question out of interest. Has anyone found that they feel the cold more since having Chemotherapy ?. I used to be a Firefighter and also worked on fishing trawlers so I was well used to being out in the elements and the cold didn't bother me much, but now I find I need to wear more clothing, even in the summer.

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  • Without doubt.Before had my chemo back in 2010 I would not be bad with cold weather.Always worked outdoors as Postie with shorts.Since chemo suffer with the cold even summer.I am on chemo again at present so double the cold!!!!!! So yes its normal Steve

  • Hi Griff

    Thanks for that. I was afraid I was becoming a bit of a wimp. lol.

    Good luck with the chemo.

    Kind Regards


  • Oh yes, I am always cold, I wear so many layers I look NanNook of the north. I am sooooooo looking forward to a warm summer so I can shed some of the layers :-0

    Best wishes


  • Thank you Edwina. I really agree with you. I'm looking forward to a warm summer too. Dont we deserve it after this cold winter.

    Kind Regards


  • I didn't have chemo, just the shark bite surgery, but I feel the cold, much more now.

    I think it's because I've lost a lot of weight.

    Have you, Steve and Griff, lost weight too? Could it be that rather than the chemo that makes us feel the cold?

  • Hi Patchworker

    Yes I did lose weight at first but now I'm 6 years post op and almost back to my original weight, but still feeling the cold.

    Kind Regards


  • Yes lost weight but medical fact that chemo and the surgery makes you feel the cold but of course weight loss will mean feeling more cold.I lost 5 stone !!

  • Yep - big yes to that one - the damage caused by chemo with relation to peripheral neuropathy where all the nerve endings are damaged causes you to feel the cold much more - like Griff , Nielsen is presently going through chemo again and is being very badly affected by this cold weather - we have actually been told that one of the meds he is on - Oxalaplatin will cause all sorts of problems with cold - he is not to go into the freezer, go out without hats , gloves etc and generally be very careful - we attempted to go for a walk yesterday but had to turn back when he could no longer feel is nose due to the cold - so no you are not being a wimp !! Wrap up warm and all the best.


  • Yes Lyn the pins and needles certainly are a bind!!! hope things are going well? I get scanned soon to see how chemos working x

  • Please let us know Griff - as always thoughts are with you. Lyn and Nielsen x

  • thinking of you Griff please let us know how you are doing xx

  • Thank's Lyn and Nielsen.

    Yes it looks like this is quite a common thing for most of us.

    Good luck Nielsen with nyour chemo.

    Kind Regards


  • Definitely and not because its winter. Even though my weight has returned to near normal I still feel the cold. I used to wear T shirts at home, now its jumpers and central heating turned up. I think it must be the same for any major surgery.

    I did not have any form of radiation treatment, just the big Merendino interposition.

  • Hi Everyone

    I'm glad this question was posted and the comments are interesting and reflect my experiences since my chemo and op last summer. This winter has been difficult and whilst I have been looking forward to warmer weather (??) I feel it is wrong to be wishing time away given our condition. I have escaped to Spain for two weeks and this has done me the world go good although its raining now :)

    Best wishes


  • I also wonder whether it is because the body's energy is being used up in healing itself so that there is not so much energy left for keeping itself warm?

    It is 12 years ago since my surgery but I still keep wearing the thermals in winter.

  • With temperatures of minus 1-6, I stay in doors as much as possible, well wraped in warm clothes and the central heating on full. .After 9 seriel of Xeloda chemo, I have peripheral neuropathy in my fingers and feet. Does anyone know of a successful treatment for this?. .

  • Nice to know its not just me that is a delicate shade of blue when everyone else is in t-shirts

  • Hi Steve J. In answer to your question, I don't think your a wimp any more than I do myself. I put my feeling cold down to the fact that during the run up to my diagnosis and confirmation of mycancer, I lost nearly three stone in weight which of course included a lot of fat that used to keep me warm. I have regained my warmth but have generally stabilised. However, the period between End of November and now has been a very cold and miserable period.

  • Hi again everyone. It seems that this is something most of us will have to put up with.

    It sounds like a combination of chemo and surgery are the cause. Thanks to everyone who answered my question.

    Kind Regards


  • yes steve i still feel the cold alot more since chemo and surgery i just put it down to me getting old lol

  • Yes Steve, I have just finished 6 cycles of chemo and I am really feeling the cold. I am not only wearing my vest as my mother told me 50 odd years ago but also have started wearing a sweater. I have bought a hand warmer which does seem to help, not only with the hands but I stuff it down the back of my pants.

    best wishes


  • I used to be infamous as a contractor ,often working in the Middle East ,for prancing about in the desert wearing a three piece suit.

    Only mad dogs and English men ..............

    Now I seem to be hyper-sensitive to both cold and heat.It is worst in bed ; either lying there shivering or throwing off all the covers.

    To add insult to injury my skin can no longer tolerate deodorants .

    ......My poor Wife.......!

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