Have you received the offer of routine scans (as apposed to one offerred to resolve an specific issue) since your surgery please? If so, at what intervals? I have added this question onto the comments section of the poll but may have "missed" those of you who have completed it already so my apologies if I am duplicating this.

Thank you.


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  • I was told I could have a CT scan but my situation where I became very breathless and lost alot of weight bought the appointment forward


  • Ivor Lewis in March 2010 since when I have had a CT scan in March 2011 ,6 monthly consultations and a further scan programmed for March 2012, am advised by consultant that following this scan (all being well) we will drop back to annual consultations preceeded with a CT scan and this will happen for next 4 years,

    Good Luck & Hope this helps

  • I do know that everytime I say I have a pain, I get sent off for a scan..I recently had back pain and immediately got sent for a chest scan (!)

  • Don't judge me as typical, but I was told that the hospital would "keep an eye on me" as my cancer did remain after the op. I was not offered regular scans, but was told they would do them if I had any developments. Two months afer surgery, that is what happened. No complaints, but do bring ANYTHING you don't like to the attention of your specialists.

  • I had my op in March 2010 as well. As I stated before, they told me they managed to remove everything and I was clean. I did have concerns about my swallowing at the beginning and that was investigated. I've been on 6 monthly appointments since. I do not have any concerns myself and the Hospital have been happy with my progress and not had a reason to scan me. Like Fredsonic, I've been told if I did have concerns they would investigate straight away.

    Speaking for myself, I'm very happy with that arrangement. I also know how valuable their time and resources are to them and the patients that really need it.

  • I had my op last April and was told I would have a scan next April. I was told after the op my cancer had all been removed. Fingers crossed

  • After my operation in 2007, I was offered monitoring scans every three months for the first year, every six months for the second year and annually thereafter. I declined, because (a) I could not stand the stress of waiting a week for the results every time, and (b) secondary oesaphageal cancer is almost invariably terminal and I decided that I'd rather not know. Like others, I was advised that, if I had any unusal symptoms, I should get in touch with my consultant and they would investigate immediately. Thankfully, this has so far not been necessary.

  • I just thought that I would let you know that somebody I know did have a second lot of oesophageal cancer quite a long time after her oesophagectomy. It was squamous cell cancer and it has been successfully treated with chemo radiotherapy. It does not make it any less traumatic of course, but at least there has been a good outcome second time round.

  • Hi Charlie, I haven't been offered any scans and only get 6 monthly checks. I do know however that if I do have a problem I can call my clinician and I am sure if he thought there was a problem I would get an appointment with my surgeon. I have had six dilitations, and these were arranged within 2 dasy of my calling them.

  • Hi Charlie,

    I had surgery Oct 2010 then had 2 or 3 appointments at 3 monthly intervals and am now seen 6 monthly. Routine scans have not been suggested but I have been told not to hesitate to contact them if problems arise. I feel this is a reasonable approach and luckily for me no unexpected problems have arisen.


  • I am an eight year survivor of EC and have yearly exams. They consist of barium swallow and upper ct scan. After five years my doctor told me that I did not have to follow up but I would not think of it. It gives me reassurance!

  • I had Ivor Lewis op In January this year, after experiencing difficulty in eating for sometime after the op, I had endoscopy which was normal, then they decided to do a balloon stretch which has been very successful & I am eating quite well now. I see my Oncologist every 3 months & she also says any problems & they will immediately investigate.

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