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The blog by Fredsonic (Secondaries) reminded me that somebody suggested a couple of weeks ago that it might be helpful to signpost some poems and other material that people have found helpful at various times. Telling your story can often be really helpful to others. There can be positives in adversity and silver linings to dark clouds, even though it often does not really seem like that to us, and certainly not at the time.

As well as 'Reaching for a Rainbow' there is a story by Alan Bennett called 'An Average Rock Bun' in his collection 'Untold Stories'. The rock bun is a reference to the size of the tumour in his colon as it was described to him.


For poems (and we sometimes get drawn mysteriously to the phrase that really meets our need), try cancernet.co.uk/poems.htm

There is a poem called 'Cancer is So Limited' in that collection, which also appears in godswork.org/index.htm Religious faith (even when challenged by our situation) can be a real blessing at these times and this website is indeed religious in its overall nature.

For some useful insights, wherever you are on the journey, try the Cancer Counselling trust website and Dr Peter Harvey's article on 'After the treatment finishes - then what?' There are little chapters on, say, going back to work, dealing with fears, fatigue and so on. cancercounselling.org.uk/no...

And another of Peter Harvey's gems is 'The Perils and Pitfalls of Positive Thinking' cancercounselling.org.uk/no...$FILE/Article.pdf?openElement

So having started this, here is your chance to copy and paste your favourites!

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Perils and Pitfalls of Positive Thinking - a link that will work better!



Sorry, tried to follow the link, but all it says is the cancer counselling trust is now closed.



Fredsonic, I found it. I think I clicked on the articles to the left. And then a few come up and in it is "Perils and Pitfalls..."


Dear Fred

Sorry! It does take a bit of finding. The Cancer Counselling Trust has indeed closed, but the website still operates OK.

Another route is to go to their home page cancercounselling.org.uk/

Then click on Resources on the bar at the top in the middle.

Then click on Useful articles and links on the left hand side

Then click on the title of the article which is the 7th one down.

They tell me that this is called 'Navigation'!

Good luck!



Was trying on the iPad. Will give it a go on the PC tomorrow & see if Gates is better than Jobs.


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