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mucus vomit, post oesophagectomy four months


Hi everybody, at the end of feb i was due to go for my 6th throat dilatation as you can see John kindly replied re stents and type. I have been desperate to comment once again but didnt want to jinx the outcome but feel i can now let you know how things went.

After asking my consultant about stenting he was happy to go ahead with the procedure but offered his ten penneth stating that 1) they can feel unatural in the throat 2) can cause their own problems in themselves ,so after thinking about this i decided to go for dilatation for the 7th time , I am pleased to report im 14 days on now eating everything and anything dicomfort , no vomitting the horrible bubbly mucus which caused the most distress dont worry im touching wood all the time.

The main thing i want to add which i think is more significant is that during our conversation i tried to explain to my consultant that i felt like it wasnt a blockage as such but felt more like an air lock in my throat which caused my vommiting and all that came up was frothy mucus as well as anything i had eaten so he decided to try me on SUCRALFATE which dries secretions in the stomach and immediatley i saw benefits , Im not sugesting for a minute this will work for all but i do think its worth a try as is anything because i know how this can make us feel

Thanx for reading i will let you know how i go on this next month

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That is good news! Glad that is has gone well, and let's hope this state of affairs continues!


I have the same problem on occasion too. Especially when I have a runny nose. I have found the Sudafed also helps prevent the mucus from being produced. It is great that you have found something that works.



Wow that is interesting because I keep coughing up gunge when it is coming up to stretch time. I will definitely ask about it. I have had about 28 stretches so far and it is beginning to look like I will need them at least twice a year for the foreseeable future. I hate the idea of a stent but there has been talk of a "disolvable" stent has anyone had any experience of this? It might not be as bad as a permanent one.Thanks fro the tip


uncleg in reply to Kiks

Hi Kiks i spoke to my consultant yesterday before my 7th stretch and his reasoning for giving me SUCRALFATE was that it helps to coat the scar tissue which makes it less likely to become aggressive when swallowing food and helps to stop it swelling after dilatation as much it also helps to dry the mucus in my stomach which as ive said before has been a fantastic releif for me and i now eat as near normal as pre op without mucus making an air lock and in turn stopping the food block feeling and vommiting it would be fantastick if it helped anyone else please keep me informed of your progress if it does good luck for the future


Thans that is brilliant will certainly ask my consultant about it when I see him (not till 10th April though). Will let you know how I get on. Good luck with the stretch.


Hi does anyone on here get cloggy lumps of food come up when you regurgitate I even get food come up from the day before. Does anyone get these symptoms?

Kiks in reply to Gerard

By the way Gerard yes I get lumps of food and sometimes it can be hours after I have eaten. I think I have a little shelf of scar tissue where it gets caught and sits until I cough it up. It might be that you need to ask about moving food along as sometimes you can have a problem with motility and they use domperidone to help with that. If it bothers you then it would be worth checking with your doctor or medic team.

Gerard in reply to Kiks

Hi Kiks thanks for that I am getting a dialation next week too hopefully that'll help chers

Hidden in reply to Gerard

This happens to me all the time...sometimes its a combination of food AND acid all going into my lungs if it happens whilst I am asleep and CAN be very very painful indeed resulting in a lot of painful coughing.

An update: Went for an out patients app today and asked about SUCRALFATE the lovely medic I spoke to said it was not normally used by his team in the sort of situation I am in, but said he would be OK with my trying it. So I am going to see my GP and ask if she will prescribe it so that I can try it soon as I am going to have to have another dilatation soonish (I am coughing up a lot of gunge). Will let you know how it goes.

uncleg in reply to Kiks

Hi Kiks please keep us informed as to the outcome, Im just setting off for my ninth dilatation which im so used to now,as regards SUCRALFATE i find if i take my first dose straight after breakfast and second after tea it still works well, i did try without it for a couple of days, and yes the symptoms returned so, on a lighter note im six months post op and have just reached my handicap at golf !!!! they do say BEWARE the injured golfer, good luck with all you try


I am glad I read your post because I too cough up uncomfortable mucus immediately after I eat and it has been bothering me as it only started of late. I will mention it to my doctor tomorrow and see if I can be put on it. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

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