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21 months post op and cancer is back!


A lump appeared in groin which was a swollen lymph node. It was removed and same cancer found, they say it will be somewhere else in body and the outlook not good (around 6 months) Although scan results have to be seen for full details. Has anyone had secondary cancer and survived? or at least still here? I feel very well in myself and know statistics have been quoted to me so wont be giving up the fight just yet !!

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I am sorry to hear that news. I know of at least one case where the cancer (squamous cell carcinoma) 'came back' (or simply happened twice) many years after an oesophagectomy, and the person concerned had chemotherapy and radiotherapy a year or two ago and is now well and cancer-free.

Yes, people are still here -and on Charlie's Circle. You click on My Communities on the green banner - then browse other communities, then click on oesophageal cancer OPA Charlie's Circle.

I think that appreciating that you are feeling well at the moment is a good thing. I suspect that finding the positive things in life becomes much more important after getting news like this, and a good fighting spirit is really important.

Dear Griff, I've been thinking about you over Christmas, wondering about your test results.. I'm so sorry to hear your news.

And thank you Alan for what you've just said.

I send both of you a big hug.

My husband is in the same boat ,a scan has shown enlarged lymph nodes he is waiting to go to the Christie hospital at the end of the month ,he also feels ok .

Dear Griff

So sorry to hear your news, but you fought it once I am sure you can do so again. We are all sending you positive thoughts

Best wishes

Edwina xx

So sorry to hear your bad news. We'll all be thinking of you.

Hi Griff,

Sorry to hear the news of the setback. A skirmish doesn't mean that the War is lost,

Keep up that fighting spirit, consult the boffins for the latest weapons and

tune body and mind ready for any defensive action that might be required.

The war is not lost if you refuse to surrender.

Best wishes


Hi Griff

Sorry to hear your bad news,I will be thinking of you and keeping my fingers crossed that it all turns out well.

Kind Regards


Hi Griff

This must be so hard for you but I do believe that your positive outlook will help you fight this. How did they find it? Were you feeling something or was it a routine check?

I know you are strong so try to keep fighting I am sure there are people who are in the statistics that make it doctors are always so negative that is their job but people do survive all sorts of things.

Sending you so much love


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I noticed a very small lump in groin which I thought was a swollen lymph node,which it was..Surgeon took it out and there were cancer cells in it!! Not giving up so fight goes on.The strangest thing I feel really well and in fact the best I have felt since the surgery!! 19 months ago.Hope your getting by your end.Griff x

Hi Griff,

So sorry to hear your news. Stay strong. I will be praying for you.

With all my hopes for you,


Hi Griff

Your friendly and knowlegable messages on this web site have helped and cheered many of us... and now we all get our turn to try and help you through this. Keep up the positive attitude Griff ! I was amazed to meet people at the 'Chemo Club' sessions who were on their second or third time battle with the Cancer - and they were winning!!


Hi Griff,

I'm so sorry you have had such bad news. What options have you been offered? I have just finished an 8 week radiotherapy session as I am in the same position as yourself. If you want to log on to the Charlie's Circle section then maybe we can share any helpful information, support, angst or whatever might help towards coping with such rotten news. All my very best wishes Griff,


sorry to hear your news Griff, will be praying for you. Bernadette

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Thank you kindly

Ah Griff - what a blow - we can never be complacent can we ? Or think that we are beginning to win the war cos that's just the time it will turn round and bite you on the bum- Nielsen has the one enlarged node but it had shrunk on the last scan so they are observing it for now. I am also on the American EC site and there are many many on there who have had recurrences and in some cases new primary's who have had treatment - usually chemo sometimes in combination with radiotherapy and who are still around and doing well - keep that positive attitude of yours going and make sure they throw everything at this they can. Thinking of you and your lovely family too of course.

Lyn xx

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Yes Lynn what we go through eh? Not giving up yet so fight goes on.I feel better now in myself than I have done since the surgery etc.Love to you and Neilsen

Griff x


Thank you all you lovely people for your replies.Will keep you posted on developments.

Thoughts with you all.



Hi Griff, so sorry to hear your news,you were so kind and helpful to me not so long ago.I join all the people on this site in wishing you good luck, and send you a big hug.all the best Sandra.x

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Thanks Sandra that means a lot x

Hi Griff I have only just seen your message so sorry to hear the news . But i know you are a positive chap looking at all the reply;s you have given to everyone else including myself , wishing you good

luck .

regards Trev .


cheers Trev

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