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Sudden severe pain

My shark bite op was almost three years ago. I've started getting sudden severe pain around the scar under my right arm, and sometimes in my right breast. It lasts only a few seconds, at most a couple of minutes, then it goes completely.

When it's gone the area is normal, not even sore, but while it's there it's, as docs measure pain, 9 out of 10.

This has happened five times in the last four days. Has anyone else had this? Does anyone know what it is?

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Hiya patchworker

It made me smile your "shark bite" discription of the op,which i also had almost three years ago...i get various pains,lasting from seconds to minutes ,mainly in the upper chest area and always the right side ...will be seeing my consultant on the anniversary of my op next week which i will ask him the same Question ....will pass on any suggestions ....Happy new year


It might be something to do with nerves - sometimes they just give you gip for no accountable reason. Sudden pains are not usual signs of recurrence of cancer, but it is worth getting it checked out. Some surgeons / specialists are better at tracking down the causes of these unexplained pains than others. Sometimes, just to make things complicated, the pain gets 'referred' from another part of the body.

Anyway, all best wishes for 2013



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