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Low glycemic diet

I'm lying on my bed, recovering from another dumping episode, I thought I'd use the time to google "low glycemic diet " as Larry suggested it might help.

It seems incredibly complicated, not just what to eat but combinations of foods, to eat or avoid. I can just about understand the theory, but in real life I'm already struggling to plan family meals.

My husband is on Warfarin, and must avoid vitamin K, another family member is on a gluten free diet, and my granddaughter has all day morning sickness. We're delighted about the morning sickness, but I just haven't enough energy to cook separate meals. We're all vegetarians.

Can anyone suggest just one meal that would suit us all? Real, easy to do food, not just theory?

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I think it can be complicated, partly because most people go into this form of diet for other reasons, but have a look at the factsheet on 'Dumping Syndrome and low glycemic food that you can download here: opa.org.uk/regional-shop/lo... I can also send you a recipe book if you leave a message with your postal address, or they can send you one if you leave a message on the helpline 0121 704 9860.

I am not sure about vitamin K, but would basmati rice be a start?


Hello Patchworker,

I'm a veggie too. Some ideas might be...(not sure about the vit k?)

roasted veg with a side a fresh lemon for the morning sickness.

jacket potatoes using a slightly waxy potato which is thus lower GI.

quorn sausages + veg gravy...




Thanks for trying to help. Jacket potatoes are a great base for so many things, but Quorn sausages and Quorn mince have wheat flour in them, and that's gluten. Quorn pieces and Quorn roast are ok though. I have to be careful with gravy granules, a lot of makes have gluten in them.

Warfarin patients mustn't eat green vegetables, but root veggies aren't green so fine for roasting and tasty.

Rice is another good base, and it's not mentioned on the list of things to avoid.

I'm asking Alan for the recipe book. I need something I can put on the rice or potatoes. Such a pity Quorn mince is out.

Thanks again,


We are always up for new recipes to be added to the recipe book, so if anybody reads this and has some other ideas, please let us have them!


Have you tried Rose Elliot's Low GI Vegetarian Cookbook, published by BBC books? I'm not sure how many of the recipes are vitamin K and gluten free, but they are not in the least bit complicated and are easy to prepare.

Good luck.



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