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Dumping Syndrome and Digestion Problems after Surgery

Here is something for just after Christmas!

We have a meeting at 10am on Saturday 26 January 2013 at Guy's hospital, Robens Suite, 29th floor, Tower Block (just near London Bridge rail station) with Mr James Gossage a Consultant Upper GI surgeon at St Thomas' hospital who will give us a talk about Dumping Syndrome and Digestion Problems after Surgery.

You may not be on our mailing list, but anybody who visits this site would be most welcome to come along. It is a chance to talk to others who have the same problems, and to ask questions and get answers from the speaker, or other people in the room.

To help with name badges and catering it is helpful for us to know in advance who will be coming, and the name of your spouse/guest/carer, so if you would like to email me, we would appreciate it alan@alanmoss.demon.co.uk But it does not matter if you just turn up!

For those who cannot come, we also make a list of questions, and then try and record the answers and put them on the notes of the meeting, so we can also do that as well if you would find that helpful.

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