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Are there any carers out there?

It has been really good to read about so many patient experiences and the positive comments when you have found things helpful.

It is not only patients who can register and leave messages, blogs and other contributions; carers can also send in what they feel about things.

What spouses tell each other about what they have been through when they have been looking after us is something we all ought to think about. So if anybody out there would like to start the ball rolling (even registering with their nickname whilst their loved one is asleep) they would really be tapping into a rich vein of helpfulness and mutual support!

We do not realise what we owe you!

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How true Alan, it would be such a useful thing to hear about carers' experiences.


Hi Alan, my husband had the operation in May 2008, although we have been through so much together, i felt i had to pass on some of the experiences we have had. like many other patients it has been a rough road but with the support of our specialist nurse at Derriord we have come through it..it is hard being the spouse, so much pressure and so much worry..and often not enough information about what is to come. Luckily he has had no trouble swallowing, but dumping and reflux still remain a large part of our lives. my advice to anyone is to make use of your specialist nurse and talk to other sufferers, which is why this site is so helpful..My husband still has trouble breathing and often has the pain in his right side, and although he sleeps in an elevated position, often wakes up choking, so much so that is often sick. he also gets bad reflux with certain foods, so he eats little and often and nothing after 6pm, not even a drink as we have found that it still happens..so party's are out for us. we live from day to day and make the most of the " good days". I hope this has been some help to someone, and i intend to carry on "blogging" on this site..twiggy


Good call Alan,

Carers and partners do have a rough time, full of stress and worry, this can affect their health which may go unnoticed as caring for someone else.

Come on patients, get your carer / partner to put their thoughts, concerns and queries down.

I do owe my wife a huge thank you for looking after me and for putting up with all the problems we have, sometimes not knowing what to do or how to help.

Thank you Gill,

Dave C


I agree. I got so preoccupied with my health and what progress I was, or was not making, that I completely forgot about my wife's feelings. The uncertainty was just as bad for her, and the long, slow road to recovery was a real strain. I myself wanted to get back to doing things and perhaps to risk overdoing it, and she was worried that I would risk giving myself a relapse.

I think all the commitment of hospital visiting, and then the responsibility of looking after me at home resulted in a lot of stress and strain for my wife, and inevitably there has to be some form of delayed reaction on her road to recovery as well.


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