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Tiger Aspects TV company

Below is an email I recieved from Tiger Aspects TV company, it,s quite self explanatory and the gentleman did mention any problems with the oesophagus, (not that many of you have much of one anymore). But if any one likes the idea, contact details are on the bottom

Thanks so much for chatting earlier. As discussed, below are some details of the series:

The factual department here at Tiger Aspect is putting together a new medical series for a major broadcaster and we are currently looking for patients to take part.

We have two doctors with differing approaches to medicine who are interested in offering patients their own separate diagnosis. The patients would meet both of our doctors and get advice from them before choosing which of the doctor’s advice they would like to follow.

We will always leave it up to the patient to decide which of the suggestions they wish to follow.

It could be someone with a recurring mystery illness, a chronic issue, a lifestyle which isn’t contusive to healthy living or a long term issue like asthma or migraines. We are interested in any issues they might have.


or 020 7529 9535

All the best,


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