Mild Nausea

i had my oesophagectomy over 6 years ago and everthing is back to normal,apart from the usual problems we all suffer from eating and sleeping.For the last 6 days I have had a feeling of mild nausea and domperidone has not helped much. This happened after a 2 day family celebration last weekend where I was greedy and ate far too much including a

lot ot beef which I rarely eat.

Do other patients suffer from this nausea feeling and how long can it last for?

Any suggestions please



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  • Hi Phil

    Yes, I too have been guilty in the past of overdoing it on the eating front. I'm also getting on for 6 years post op so it has given me plenty of time to make these mistakes that I'm sure we all do from time to time. What I usually do is go back to my normal eating routine as soon as possible ie. little and often, sometimes I also take metaclopramide.

    Usually with me it lasts a few days and then I gradually get back to normal. Obviously if the problem persists you probably need to check with your GP.

    Kind Regards


  • Thanks steve

    I,m sure you are right in going back to normal eating habits.

  • I would see the dr. 6 days is a long time, unless you have a bug. Good luck, keep us updated.

  • thanks i, give it a few more days

  • I wonder whether gravy with the beef might have contributed?

    Is it getting better, worse, or staying the same for the 6 days? Any other effects like diarrhoea or constipation? Perhaps your system has been overloaded and things have not cleared properly yet?

    It does seem completely unfair to be punished like this for enjoying yourself doesn't it!

  • Hi Alan

    I did have alot of gravy. Its not getting any worse and ther are no other effects.I,m sure you are right that I have overloaded my system and its taking time to recover.I hope so and thank you for the feedback

  • Hi Alan,

    on the meat I do find Beef (mince) infact all dark meat seems to not Digest as well as Chicken, so I fine if beef is on that day I have it at lunchtime, as I find the acid seems to be overactive at night

  • Hi Alan, I think this everytime something makes me ill...alot of scones..I dont mean eating alot of scones, I only manage 1, but I have had scones that really upset me for hours, thats when I think its not fair, it then ruins the whole day, so try to stay off them if out.

  • Hi Phil

    I have had similar symptoms over the past few days which followed eating fish and chips which I probably eat too quickly. I have also suffered from dumping which I had managed to avoid for a few weeks.

    Many of my friends and family have also had a sickness bug and I think this may be the prime reason. You said you felt ill after your gathering so perhaps you have contracted a bug too?



  • Hi Martin

    I hope its just the sickness bug but i,m sure you,ll agree anything out of the ordinary

    with our condition tends to worry us

  • Hi Phil it was my 6 year birhday this year( I call it that as it is a new life we have to start.) yes last week I had the same, I thought it could of been that sickness bug that was going around. and sometimes I get a few days on the trot with sickness, then ok again, I now can tell when its about to start so I can get to the Bathroom in time, but hay, we have made it. and can have a glass now and again. Have a great new life. Regards Tony.

  • Hi Tony

    thanks for your comments and all the best to you.


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