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See below - Barrett's after oesophagectomy

I'm 18months post op from my Oesophagectomy. Had a Gastroscopy two weeks ago which showed a return of Barretts Oesophagus on the remaining piece that my stomach is attatched to. My consultant says it's low risk at present and i will have 6 monthly Gastroscopys to check on it. Also, if it does get nasty it's too high for surgery. Does this mean ct or rt ? Has anyone had this same problem ?

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There is quite a lot of detail about Barrett's Oesophagus on actionagainstheartburn.org....

Did you have adenocarcinoma?

There are treatments for Barrett's Oesophagus such as radio frequency ablation, and my understanding is that chemotherapy or radiotherapy would not normally be used unless cancer had developed.

You may wish to ring Barrett's Oesophagus Campaign on 020 7472 6223 but generally low risk means low risk.


Hi Alan. Thanks again for theactionagainstheartburn.org website info. I found it very informative. I don't have adencarcinoma, the diagnosis is low risk indefinate dysplasia.


Thanks for the info Alan.


When the Barrett's Oesophagus cells are analysed, the histological reports can refer to:

a) Indefinite for dysplasia (or atypia)

b) Low grade dysplasia (5.3% risk of adenocarcinoma in 1-8 years)

c) High grade dysplasia (50% risk of adenocarcinoma in 1-8 years)

The % risk is the result of research that the Barrett's Oesophagus Campaign can tell you more about. The general statistical risk at the indefinite stage is 0.5% per patient year ie in the 20 years after developing Barrett's, there is a 10% risk of developing adenocarcinoma, but whether your history increases that small risk or not I do not know.


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