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Any other suggestions please

After two and a half years of having very bad reflux/bile etc i had a dilation which lasted about six weeks then i had injections of botox which has not seemed to work and made me feel quite ill for a couple of weeks.I am on all the normal medication i.e gaviscon,lansoprazole,ect. Does anyone think i should ask for another dilation it would help.!


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I believe that sometimes the doctors need several attempts to get this right, so I think you should persist because it is quite a big quality of life issue. Neither is it a good thing if the semi-digested food stays around in your stomach longer than it should. Exactly what is happening to you regarding bile and so on may well be something that is dependent upon exactly what they did in the original surgery, and I am sure that the surgeons would want to get it right for you.


Thanks alan i am sure that they want to get it right for me, But at the momement i am having trouble getting through to the hospital but i will keep trying and hopefully they will be able to sort it out.


Hi Trevor,

It is a very big quality of life issue from experience, my similar problem started about 3 years after surgery, bad reflux & bile every other day with a cough and burning sensation all the time, the botox worked for a while but it started all over again, I had 3 shots of botox in total, each shot lasted about 3 months so my consultant decided to go for permanent fix with a small op to open up the muscle at the base of the stomach, I've no problem for the last 2 years now.

But that was me only, we do have other members in our local group for which the botox shots have proved a permanent fix after the 1st, 2nd or 3rd time, even now after 5 years since the botox for couple of members.

Do talk to your hospital team as they will know the best route for you, and I would go for another botox if made available.

Best wishes,

Dave C


Hi Trevor

I had this problem, and started experimenting with over the counter Zantac as I found Lansoprazole as much use as a chocolate teapot. I then got a prescription from my doctor for x2 120m Zantac tablets a day. I am now on 75m before bed which I take with a shot of Gaviscon and one chewable Rennie. I can now sleep through the night in any position I like except flat on my back. I sometimes wake with a little reflux for which I just take another Rennie which I keep next to my bed. If I eat anything heavy during the day I will pop another Zantac with it.

I hope this helps as I know of a couple of others I have shared with and they say it has helped them also.



I too am having this same problem. I have been offered a gastroscopy and during that scope the specialist will decide on whether to dilate or give me botox. I have read a lot about the botox and i don't have much faith in that it will work for long. But the specialist says that he wants to try this first and since i am due to see the referring surgeon again on December 17th for a review i will try anything. My swallowing is getting worse and the hold-up where the pylorus sphincter is situated is getting worse so i will try dilatation/botox first then if the problem is still there in December when i see the surgeon i shall ask if there is a more permanent solution. Good Luck.


I think they probably try the botox first because that keeps more options open perhaps?

I believe that omeprazole and lansoprazole work on the basis of switching off the production of stomach acid by acting on the proton pumps (ie a PPI), but if the reflux is bile, which is an alkali, then a PPI would not work, but gaviscon, which acts differently because it is an alginate, and creates a protective raft around the stomach etc lining would, I think, work for both.

Zantac contains ranitidine which apparently works by blocking histamine H2 receptors that are found on the cells in the stomach lining and stops the stomach cells producing acid. So it is probably a different method of achieving the same result as a PPI perhaps. Just shows that it is sometimes worth discussing alternatives with your doctor.


I can only repeat my experience as detailed in my answer to christinehulmes question of 7.9.12 nothing else worked for me. However- just had blood test results and told GP I felt fine - O no you're not you are anaemic (I dont feel it) and he wants me to have urgent investigations - cameras up and down - here we go again ! round and round.

Good luck


Hi Trevor,

I have had similar symptoms too and had stretches, Botox as well. After much trial and error I have found that amitriptalene 20mg a day has had an amazing result. It acts as a pain killer and reduces anxiety. I take it in the evening as it causes drowsiness. It also has a side effect of weight gain! Which means I no longer need a feeding tube.

I'm guessing that when our digestive system gets stuck say to wind or too much foods, it tightens and also attempts to increase pressure by adding additional fluid. In a normal digestive system this would push the food down. Since our Vegas nerve and stomach no longer work, the push goes in both directions, hence reflux and bile.

Amitriptalene reduces the pain and therefore the urge for our guts to push.

This is just my own theory based on my own results, but it may help you. I hope it does.



Thank you all who answered my question and the information and suggestions given. It was a great help.


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