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Blue Badge

I am 6weeks post op after having a oesophagectomy (oesophagus and most stomach removed) I have been told to ring the council and apply for a blue badge as i get very tired and breathless when I walk plus I cant walk far. I was just wondering what questions will they ask and how should i answer the questions? sorry but i panic in case i say the wrong thing as authorities do scare me for some reason lol

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Mixed reactions, I think, dependent on your local authority. If you search under Tags for Blue Badge you can see the discussion oesophagus.healthunlocked.c...

I think it might just depend on whether they believe that it qualifies as 'severe mobility problems' dft.gov.uk/topics/access/bl...


Hi, I got Disability Living Allowance the first year after my oesophagectomy and that entitles you to Blue Badge. It was invaluable to me for the first few months, so you could always ask your doctor to write you a letter.

I just had to fill in a form, so no awkward questions :-)

Best wishes



I live in Cornwall and had no trouble getting my blue badge. Was in hopsital for several months so before I came out my partner wnet into the local coucncil one stop shop and explained my situation, They filled a form in for him there and then and all I had to do was sign it. My blue badge was waiting for me when I came home. 18 months on and I am still greatful for it on some days and have stopped feelinh guilty using it!


Let us know how you get on, and by the way dont expect too much of yourself, take it easy, its normal to be tired and breathless after such a big operation, I must say I could have done with a blue badge in the beginning. Good luck.


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