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Charlie's Circle

Here is an invitation!

If you have had the experience of having a relapse, or other news that you would like to share only with others in this less optimistic situation, we have now created Charlie's Circle as a separate community. You can now join here: opacharliescircle.healthunl...

It will mean that when you click on 'My Communities' on the top banner, you will then have a choice as to which one you go for.

We'll see how it goes, but we envisage that this original OPA community will tend to concentrate on the issues around surgery, nutrition and some of the other topics we have dealt with over the last few months. So we will continue to look out for each other, but in separate rooms, as it were!

Thanks, Charlie, for suggesting this.


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Thank you all at OPA and Health Unlocked Alan for taking this to heart and being willing to go the extra mile at a difficult time. I guess the take up will indicate if this is a forum that will be usefull.......or not.

Having really bad news can mean you feel in a very lonely place. On the practical side of things there are lots of issues that people have never had to face before. On the emotional side, then the support of others who have to cope with a poor prognosis could be invaluable. I personally have gained such a lot from both the OPA and this website, I can only say how much harder the last few years would have seemed without both.Bless your cottons:-)



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