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Hi everyone,

I have just finished three cycles (9 weeks) of ECX chemotherapy. I have yet to re visit the surgeon but I have been told that the chemotherapy has given me a good partial reduction in the tumour so they plan to operate in 6 weeks.

Just a piece of information, towards the end of my chemo I developed sore hands on which the skin dried, flaked and cracked. My wife was a staff nurse who early in her career worked with patients with skin conditions, she suggested that I get some of the free polythene gloves from a garage and after creaming my hands at night with an emollient cream put the gloves on to sleep. Works like a dream!!!!!! so to speak.

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Thanks for that useful tip. I have heard of others whose hands have been affected by chemotherapy so I am sure others will be interested.

So far so good then! Best of luck with the operation itself.


Thanks Alan, Just thought it might be a usefull tip, it worked for me.


Hi Phil

You may be suffering from hand and foot syndrome. I myself had this while undergoing ECX chemotherapy. I also experienced severe headaches and because of this and the hand and foot syndrome I was taken off it. It would perhaps be worth mentioning the problem you have been having to your medical team. There is information on hand and foot syndrome on line.

Good luck with your coming operation, I'm sure it will go well.

Kind Regards



Thanks Steve,

I felt a pressure in my head and sickness all the time but fortunately no severe head aches so I did manage the whole 3 cycles but the last weeks were hard.

Thanks again



Good luck with surgery.I had 9 weeks of chemo same type as you. then surgery and now its 16 months since op and doing good.A long road to recovery and a roller coaster ride but alive and well to tell the tale.Luckily I didnt suffer skin probs with chemo just sickness and no strength!!


Thanks Griff, It's good to hear positive news.

I too felt sick all the time and have little energy, in fact even simple tasks leave me tired. I have tried to keep fit but these last weeks have been hard.

best wishes



Good Luck Phil,

I had 9 weeks chemo, surgery and then another 9 weeks chemo, No Strength, sickness and very weak, a long bumpy road to recovery but 2 and half years on doing well.

Thinking of you



Thanks Liz,

At this stage thats what I want ot hear!!!

From what I have been told you did well to have the 9 weeks chemo after the operation. chemo

Best wishes



Hi Phil,

Yes it wasn't till I completed it my oncologist told me alot of people stop, I didn't know I had a choice!!!!

Cheers Liz


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