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Hi, I was diagnosed with oesophagitis earlier this year and was put on lansoprazole 30mg caps, which have had no effect. I am now going back to see the surgeon tomorrow, what can I expect the last time he said something about a small operation, but I dont know what this is, I also have COPD and Asthma. I would be grateful if anyone out there could help me Thanks Julia

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Oesophagitis is a general term when you are suffering from things like irritation of the oesophagus through, say, acid reflux. It sounds quite logical to give you lansoprazole for a while, and good that it is being reviewed.

It may be that you might have an endoscopy, which means having a miniature camera put down your throat or nose so that they can see exactly what is happening. If you have a sedative for this the chances are that you will not feel any discomfort at all. It would mean that they will have a better idea about underlying causes. There could be quite a number of reasons for it.

If you have had persistent acid reflux for a long time, there is a chance that you may have Barrett's Oesophagus, which can be successfully treated these days if it has advanced to a certain stage. Barrett's Oesophagus carries a risk, over a number of years, of developing into cancer, but many have it without cancer developing. Usually people are simply monitored.

Oesophagitis itself is worth investigating - as is happening with you - but it is normally a long way away from cancer and the major surgery that that would entail.

I hope the appointment goes well tomorrow.


Hi Thankyou for taking the time to reply, I have already had a endoscopy and they took samples, the camera showed quite bad acid burns, it has now got to the point I just cant stand it any longer. I am losing weight because I dont really want to eat as for the discomfort it causes. Julia


Stomach acid is quite strong. Medication like lansoprozole is designed to switch off the production of acid in the stomach so perhaps a higher dose might be on the cards, plus trying to work out the underlying cause of your getting this much acid. Sometimes it is bile rather than acid that causes a problem, and bile, being an alkali rather than an acid probably won't be affected by that medication.

You could ask the doctor about trying something like gaviscon, because that acts differently - it creates a barrier for a few hours round your stomach / oesophagus lining. You can get it over the counter. But you still need to think about the underlying causes of the acid.

It does stop the pleasure of eating doesn't it, and I hope that tomorrow goes well.


Hi Thankyou I post on here my hospital outcome Julia


This question interested me as I have just received my Medical records after intervention from PCT due to delays. I was shocked to see a diagnosis of Oesophagitis made in a report following ann Endoscopy on 29.11 2010. Along with all the other things that have been on going since 4 june 2010, this is yet another diagnosis I have had NO treatment for. I read with interest the treatments that others are getting but in Lincolnshire it seems not to exist.

After being Intubated by Derby Royal for fear of problems my GP was told of their worries of no treatment and the stern request made that they 'Manage the serious Reflux and extreme Weight loss'. I thought that at last i would get treated but nothing after 2 appointments.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can press them to treat me without a full blown row??

Your advice was good Alan, and i have done the Gaviscon thing but i still have a sore throat all the time and funny voice, and still i get reflux really bad even though i eat little and often, but after 5 and a half stone gone, i am still losing weight...also i read on the bottle that if you needed it for more than 7 days to go to GP for investigation and treatment (that was on a small handbag/travel bottle covering 7 days). It is a joke but i will keep trying. Second Practice Managers Meeting next week so hope that gets me somewhere.

I am glad that sufferers on here are getting treated though, it is all information for me and others.



I had my surgery in 2007 and I had terrible problems eating, I thought it was something stuck and terrible reflux, I had a endoscopy and they revealed something that had never been told to me that since the operation I have had Oesophagitis, which has now turned to severe Oesphagitis and Barrats Oesphagus, he then put my on Lansoprazole 30mg twice daily and Gaviscon Advance after a meal 3 times a day and domperidone to power the food down, it took a while about a month for the medicines to calm things down enough, now after all these years I (touch wood) am back eating, the gaviscon advance is a little uncomfortable to take but well worth it and excellent before bed.

Hope this may be off help as I know my symptons didn't disapear overnight



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