I suffer from having continous wind, I am belching constantly night and day. What causes this?

I have had all the usual tests, cameras and barien meals etc and it seems it is 'just the way it is', but I am not sleeping properly and it is very embarrassing in company. My son is my carer and with him we have tried dietary control of fat intake etc but nothing seems to work, I am on 10 tablets a day for my heart conditions but i am convinced that these are not the direct cause. Is it possible that I am constantly taking air into my stomach when I breathe? there just seems to be far too much for it to be diet related and even first thing in the morning before i have taken anything in it is just as bad, desperate for some help or clue????

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  • I am 15 months post op and suffered from belching,wind from date of the op.Its all to do with new digestive system.It does get slightly better as the weeks get by.Have tried all things to get rid of it but just have to ride with it.The way I look at it is bit of burpinp wind small price to pay for being alive!! Sorry I cant be more help

  • Very good of you to come back so quickly Griff, unfortunately I have had this for about 10 years now and I am getting really fed up with it, wasn't so bad when I lived alone but now I have a full time carer it bothers me much more, silly I know as he is my son and understands but nonethe less the lack of propeer sleep in beginning to tell on me and having someone to sound off at now means that I do of course, also not helpful. Anyway thank you for the response

  • Yes, you are right, in that it is to do with the air you swallow. There is a lot of water that moves around your digestive system. The oxygen gets absorbed, but leaves a lot of nitrogen behind. Hence the reminder of the atmosphere of the chemistry lab.

    It is a motility issue (ie process of food moving through the system). Trial and error might make a bit of improvement, perhaps trying something like actimel - and perhaps a food diary to see whether some things are worse than others?

  • Hi,

    Try cutting out sugar, as this can promote the bad bacteria. Try a course of antibiotics, you'll need a wide spectrum one, the doctors will know, something loke augmentin. Also try drinking a warm drink an hour or so after eating to gently push the food through. Movicol also helps me if food is not moving quick enough. Ask the doctors about anti anxiety pills such as amitriptalene as they have helped me with digestion. Note that I suffer from wind too and will typically have lots first thing in the morning as the bacteria have all night to produce it.

    Hope this helps,


  • Hiya mate,

    You sure get to know who youre real friends are,when being a member of the flatulance club.Ive had simuliar for 10 years, so i know my Op wasnt to blame which was 2 and a half years ago ....many years ago i asked my Doc about it with answer "well it doesnt matter cos youre divorced now" and that is as good as it gets from the medical proffesion ! To cut a long story short id done lots of self help research on this and THE BIGGEST culprit by far is our love of sugar....its in everthing we eat,when out shopping i look at the ingredients and dont buy it if its in the top 3....and believe me thats difficult as sugar comes in lots of differnt disguises.

    Sugar causes Bacterial overgrowth ,which in turn gives us WIND ,try looking up Thrush (which isnt just a womans prob) ....Candida Albicans....and a new kid on the block....SIBO (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth) ...The last one ive just pushed my doc to have a Glucose Breath Test done at my local hospital and it came back positive, so im going down that road at the moment ,good look on yours...hope this as helped .

  • Me too! I've had the merendino interposition op and am still suffering the effects of wind after 9 months. I've tried to evaluate why but there is no pattern in my case. I'll eat something and be fine and a few days later I'm in pain after the same food due to a big build up of wind which gradually passes through after 1-2 hours. Sometimes I'm in agony and disabled. In my case it may be the jejunum (intestine) between the remains of my stomach and oesophagus that does not let the wind out. The op is specifically to stop reflux.

    The only pattern I can find is that if I have a tummy full feeling (wind) and then eat, I'm in trouble. Even small amounts of the wrong food give me problems so small meals is not the answer in my case.

    My doctor says wind is very difficult to counteract. A long time ago a doctor suggested breathing out before swollowing.

  • I had my op 14 months ago and the wind problem has been a problem for the last 6. It doesn't cause belching with me but I can feel the wind trapped around my mid chest area. It lasts for at least 90 minutes after anything I eat and doesn't matter how slowly I eat, very uncomfortable indeed. I had tried peppermint capsules, gripe water and various other things my GP suggested, all to no avail. About 3 weeks ago, someone suggested charcoal tablets may help. I ordered some from J L Bragg on the Internet and the difference has been amazing. I take 2 after eating and it normally disperses the wind in about 10 minutes. Occasionally take another 1 or 2 in between if I can still feel it. Worked for me after nothing else did. Not expensive either so got to be worth a try. Good luck! Sue

  • Well Whooppeeee! I have found something that finally does have av effect and its marvellous, Charcoal!!!! I had heard the odd thing about charcoal but didn't take too much notice of it, I guess I was so pre-occupied with my problem I wasn't able to look at it properly and anyway I had tried all the supposed 'professional' remedies and had absolutely no success. My son went to Boots and found the charcoal tablets and when I saw them I thought 'Yeuk' they are black, just like little lumps of coal, however, when you are so desperate you will try anything 'and what have you got to lose' he said. The relief was almost immediate! I have been taking them for a week and I have been able to sleep without wind, I havent touched the Gaviscon bottle or the Windeze or anything else, I take between two and four after a meal and it is fantastic, after nearly 30 years of constant suffering the house is quiet and I am at peace with my stomach, I pray it lasts. So all of you sufffering with wind, go get the Charcoal, at £2-59 for 100 in Boots it is well worth it. Whoooppeeee!!! Thank you to all who contributed,

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