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Research Project - The criteria have changed!

This is an update from my previous posting. The company had recruited several people who have volunteered to help, but some people who volunteered earlier and had been told they were NOT eligible, may now be OK to take part because the remit has been widened. I am sorry about this complication!

So the company is offering £150 to patients to take part in the project, and a donation will also be made to the OPA.

The criteria are now:

Patients who are CURRENTLY suffering from gastric or gastroesophageal cancer (i.e. cancer not being in remission) and who have previous received chemotherapy, but the cancer no longer needs to be metastatic or unresectable.

With this modified patient profile, they hope to find 10 respondents for these interviews.

Patients who had been informed previously that they would not be eligible to participate because their cancer is neither metastatic nor unresectable would now be eligible and are re-invited to complete the online profile questionnaire:


If there are any queries, please contact Daisy Liu (020 3031 8317).

Opinion Health is a research agency based in London who undertakes projects on patient journeys, quality of life, and service satisfaction with the aim of enabling patients and healthcare professionals to influence the development of healthcare products and services.

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I have had trouble with the link to the survey and cannot seem to edit the above posign at the moment!

Please follow the link below if you are interested in participating in this survey. In this short online questionnaire, you will be asked a few questions about your condition and yourself. If, after answering these questions you are eligible, you will be asked to leave your contact details for the purpose of arranging the interview ONLY.


Should you have any question about this survey please do not hesitate to get in touch with Opinion Health. Email: info@opinionhealth.com Tel: +44 (0)20 3031 8317.


Just in case you have not got round to it yet, the organisers are still a couple of volunteers short of the number they would like!


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