Olympic Torch

To all my fellow sufferers and the good people who help us through it; I will be carrying the Olympic Torch on Tuesday 24th July in the borough of Hillingdon. My starting point is Dawley Road near the town of Hayes. My 350 yards will be between Lake Farm and Dawley Parade at 1400 hrs (UK) and my shirt number will be 82.

I will be holding up that torch for all of us, below are some links that may be of interest to you.

Take Care,


The map link is: hillingdon.gov.uk/index.jsp...

The BBC Live Cam is: london2012.com/

On the same day the BBC Radio News World Service is to broadcast an interview with me on World Have Your Say, which if all goes to plan will be in the slot 1805-1900 UK time (GMT +1)


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  • That is brilliant and a great honour! Bet you never thought of yourself as doing that before you had your health problems! We will all hope that all goes well on the day!


  • Alan

    There were many dark moments when I thought I would not be here for the Olympics let alone take some active part in it. I have to admit if feels quite surreal especially as I am running in a place where in 1997 I was cut out of a car wreck and was very lucky to have survived. It is like everything is coming full circle and I can now look forward to better times ahead.


  • Hi Steve, a big well done to you how proud you will be on that day and your family once again well done.

    Big smiles (don't forget)

    Tina x

  • Wow! Go Steve! Hope the sun shines on you too!


  • Hi Steve,

    Fantastic news for you to be carrying the torch and honoured you are thinking of all of us as well.

    Must be great news and success story for your hospital team as well.

    We are all wishing you a great day and we will be as proud as punch watching the live cam on your and your family's proud day.

    Kind regards and best wishes from the Guildford patient support group.

    Dave C

  • Well done Steve...hope it goes well.

  • Well I hope you managed to see my torch run today on the BBC live cam. It was a fantasitic day, but it looks like the radio broadcast has not gone to plan which is a shame!

    To all looking in have the best possible day,


  • I jumped the gun as the BBC managed to fit me in towards the end of the broadcast.


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