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Does anyone recognise the following symptoms as an after effect of oesophagectomy?

Occasionally my mouth suddenly and dramatically fills and overflows with saliva, accompanied by sudden nausea. It generally lasts ten minutes or so.

I also have a benign tumour in a salivary gland and I wonder if that might be the cause, rather than the destruction caused by the oesophagectomy.

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It is not uncommon for people to suffer from taste bud and some saliva problems after an oesophagectomy, but I will ask around and let you know the response. My reaction is that it would be best to ask the medical opinion from those treating you for the tumour in your salivary gland.


Hi John,

You do need to ask the medical team treating your salivary gland problem first off.

But I did have saliva problems after my oesophagectomy, for me it started with the nausea first then the saliva starts flowing which will not stop for a few minutes.

For me, it was just an early sign of reflux building up during the night and sitting more upright in bed helped.

Best regards,

Dave C.


Here is another one:

May sound strange but the ten minutes rings a bell!! When my nose decides to drip(or turn into a tap) it only lasts for ten minutes and clears . My stomach also will suddenly develop cramp extremly painful with the feeling that it just wants to erupt. I know in ten minutes it will stop. I put this down to possible nerve damage be interesting to hear what the neuro- surgeon has to say. I put this down to my body deciding to have a life all of its own and remind me I am not the one in control. (bit like being a child again).

I do think that a check on the salivary gland is sensible. Hope this helps. Regards sally


Hi, this is a common problem and can be cured by taking Domperidone 30mins before each meal.

It is caused by the muscus produced by the stomach which comes up into the mouth which in turn stimulates the salivary glands. Domperidone relaxes the muscles of the digestive system and food and the muscus moved through

more quickly. Domperidone also helps with nausea.

Hope this helps. Dawn


Yes, I suffer this problem occasionally, it wakes me from sleep during the night or early in the morning. I haven't thought to mention it, I thought it was just peculiar to myself.


I found I have a temporary blockage in the oesophagus due to lack of motility in the oesophagus or scar tissue and the substance and quantity of the food eaten. The saliva (which increases in amount) tends to aggravate the situation and the blockage increases. After 10/30mins during a period of nausea and sweating, the blockage sorts itself out especially with burping/belching. Recently I allowed myself to be sick, which sorted out the problem much faster. A visit to the consultant is advised if this is a regular occurence as this is also a pre symptom esp if you have other gland problems

It may also be linked to a reflux build up as mentioned by a previous correspondent

Hope this helps


I have had the same issue, and still do on occasion. Normally, prior to vomiting, the body releases saliva along the throat and mouth to help lubricate anything that might be expelled. This typically happens to me if I have over eaten. Thankfully smaller meals and gaviscon have resolved this issue mostly. Also try to sit up when eating or drinking and have some gavison prior and after the meal. Ensure that you are not eating a high gi meal as this can also trigger the nausea. The fact that there is lots of saliva implies the meals are too large from my experience.


I have the same symptoms, and agree with Verena. I usually get this in the middle of the night and I have to sit upright (I lie with my head lifted anyway), for it to ease. I also get it first thing in the morning, and I have to keep coughing to ease the feeling, and eventually a lot of saliva comes up, and the feeling clears. I do feel that coughing helps, as it brings up the saliva. It's really not very nice, and it feels as if something is stuck or blocked until the saliva clears. I am 4 years psot op.


Hi All,

This used to happen to me quite often but not as much now as i changed from a metal type backrest in bed to a large wedge pillow i brought in a mobilty shop, its made a vast difference for me (unless i come of it whilst asleep) i use to wake chokeing and had to get up it seemed the saliva had gone frothty in my throat while breathing which then led to reflux, after that it was a cup of tea or at worst be sick to relieve the problem. I am two years post op in Sept.


I get this sometimes with dumping - it coincides with the gurgles and diarrhea :[


Isn't this site helpfull! I occassionally get problems especially first thing in the morning. I thought it was to do with the damage done to our lungs during the op! Bit like a "smokers cough" though I don't smoke! I will talk to my GP about domperidone.


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