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Meeting in Southampton

Barrett's Wessex, the regional support group of Barrett's Oesophagus Campaign covering the area from Bognor to Bristol, Basingstoke to Bridport, is holding its fourth annual public meeting at SOuthampton General Hospital on 4th July between 6:00 and 8:00pm in lecture theatre 1.

The FREE public meeting will feature a talk by consultant gastroenterologist, Dr Phil Boger focussing on the journey form heartburn to cancer and interventions etc. along the way to provide a clearer understanding of the condition for those with Barrett's Oesophagus.

After a refreshment break when the visiting specialists will be avilable for informal chat, the evning will conclude with an open question and answer forum when Dr Boger will be joined by Dr Praful Patel, senior consultant gastroenterologist from Southampton and his GI advanced nurse specialist, Shirley James.

Other consultants and experts who will be present include Dr Charlie Gordon from Bournemouth, Dr Paul Salmon, chairman of Barrett's Oesophagus Campaign, Prfoessor Tony Watson, Royal Free Hospital and Barrett's Oesophagus Campaign and Geoff Blyth from SynMed.

Anyone is welcome to just turn up on the evening. The route to the lecture theatre will be signposted from the main entrance.

Free car park exit tickets will be available at the meeting.

Hope to see some of you if you can make it.

Chris Robinson (chairman@barrettswessex.org.uk)

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These are good speakers, and experts in the field! For anybody who cannot make the meeting, there is information about Barrett's Oesophagus at actionagainstheartburn.org.uk and barrettscampaign.org.uk

Hope the meeting goes well!



Hi Chris,

I would love to be able to attend but I am away that week so cannot make, when is your next meeting?

Our Guildford OPA Upper GI cancer and surgery patient support group have an informal meeting next week on Thurs 28th, from 6pm onwards at the conference centre of the Holiday Inn, Guildford, next to the Royal Surrey County Hospital. Free parking, tea and coffee.

If you or any of your group wish to attend, please do, no need to book.

I can be contacted on 07734 394263 or david.chuter@nhs.net for more info.

Best regards,

Dave C


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