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Another milestone on the road to recovery. Weekend away camping

Well 4 months post op, I have returned to Scouting running a small Cub pack for just over 4 weeks now. Even better than that was getting away this weekend with a small group of Cubs on a camping weekend under canvas.

I`m glad to report that the weekend was agreat success for both the boys and myself. The weather was wet and windy, did I have any problems. The only thing I really suffered with was the lack of sleep, mainly because I was listening to see if they where ok and a stiffness in my back and shoulder where the scar is, apart from that a great weekend. the other leader was a great help, making sure I had enought !!! to eat (even keeping sausages from breakfast for mid morning snacks) and making me plenty of cups of tea.

Sleeping in a very small tent and lying down on a camp bed with 2 pillows wasnt too bad at all, even managed to get a bit of sleep on my left side now.

Its now 5 hours since I came home, unpacked the car did the washing washed and made tea. How am I feeling.......tired, shattered, a bit sore on my back and neck, but feeling as though I have made great strides, parents (who know my condition) where really supportive and said don`t overdo things and if you feel you need to go home ring us and we will come out to cover you.

My wife was really worried but I`m not one to sit about doing things is my way of beating this and getting on with life.

Best wishes to all, nearly 9.30pm, time for a cup of tea and bed!!!!!(Sleep)

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Well done Mick, it is good to achieve our golas, and I am sure you will be an inspiration to many of us

Onwards and upwards :-)



Great news you are making major progress. Its important to just get up and carry on as usual or do as much as you can. No point sitting around and worrying. If the weather was better it would cheer everybody up!


Hi Mick, well done to you, this is what makes us strong we keep going we don't let things get in our way. Good man.



I run a Brownie Pack and was back running the unit 6 months after my op and did a sleepover soon afterwards.My guiding friends kept me going right through my illness and have been a great support since. It's the kids that make it all worthwhile, something to keep me occupied as I was not able to return to work after my op. Long may it continue!!


That's what is all about....thank you for sharing that. Amazing you took the steps, so soon, doing something you love. And wonderful to hear how other's were caring and supportive. Going thru the cancer journey is truly a life changing event that can create change if we allow it, gain a new perspective of life, and touch others!


Well Done Mick


That's fantastic for 6 months post op..well done!


Hi Mick

Good for you, you have got the right idea stick at it.




Spoke too soon yesterday, went to bed at 10.30pm and ended up having hot spells at 3.30am, got up had a cup of tea and didn`t quite know what to do with myself. Went back to bed and got up at 7am still feeling rough, its now 12 hours later and i`m slowly starting to feel better.

Was it I`d done too much, maybe, was it because I may have skipped the odd snacks, maybe, was it lack of sleep, maybe, would I do it again, yes.

Anyway tomorrow is a new day so lets not dwell on yesterday keep looking forward and learning from what has happened.

Thanks to everybody for their comments and support, we certainly have some `nice` people in our exclusive club....


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