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I am finally looking at having to go on a diet, well at least watch what I eat!!!

After finishing treatment in Feb 2010 I have finally put on 25 Kgs again and now need to watch what I eat!!! It has taken lots of trial and error and learning to listen to my body, remembering not to push too hard. I still need to get my energy levels up and lasting longer but it's time to celebrate.

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Probably you never thought you'd get there! It might be worth thinking about checking vitamin B12 and iron levels, but probably your stamina will not be the same anyway?


Hi Alan,

You are right I never thought I would put weight on again, it seemed to take forever but finally things sort of clicked and the balance of medication and food works. The Docs are right patience is required, baby steps are the best. Plus the odd glass of wine seems to help the reflux.

Cheers Liz


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