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Hello all - my partner Nielsen has his Ivor Lewis done December 2011 and on the whole has done well. He has however had problems with stomach pain and vomiting not really connected to what he eats but just that he has eaten - he had a swallow test done in January which showed a tight narrowing and he went in and had a dilation done which was succesful for two weeks and then back to the same old problems, he had another swallow done about a month ago which showed it had tightened up again and he went in and had another dilation which was succesful - for forty eight hours ! Had another swallow done this week which again revealed it (not quite sure what "it" is!) has started to tighten up again. I had assumed they would put a stent in this time as clearly the dilations are not working but no - the plan is to do an endoscopic pyloric botox injection - this is a new one on me and I wondered if any of you know anything about it and how effective it might be ?

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I guess this would work as the botox injection will paralize the muscle involved so therefore wont be able to tighten up again.I know someone who had it done and they say it was just the job so thats sounds like good news.



Thank you Griff - that makes sense - hope it does the job for Nielsen too.

Lyn x


The pyloric sphincter is the valve at the bottom of the stomach that releases stomach contents into the rest of the system. If this does not allow the stomach to drain at a reasonable speed Nielsen will feel nauseous at the least.

It is not uncommon to have several attempts to stretch this valve. The trouble with stents are that once they are in they are difficult to remove, and it is much better to try and get the body itself working properly.

It is very frustrating and debilitating whilst all this is going on, so you have our sympathies! There is normally no reason why this problem should not be cracked though.


Hi Lyn,

I have had this procedure with botox 3 times for the same reasons as Nielson over a period of about 18 months, this was 3 years after surgery.

It worked for a while each time but I did have to have key hole surgery in the end for a permanent fix, this has now worked for me.

This problem is quite common and some consultants do now perform this permanent fix (pylorplasti) during the main surgery.

I do know of a couple of people who have had the botox post surgery and it has cured the problem without further surgery, it appears the earlier it can be done makes it more likely to be all thats needed.

Go for the botox, it will more likely be sucessfull but do let you consultant know if any signs of the problem returning.

Kind regards and best wishes,

Dave C


Thanks guys for the responses - as ever helpful, informative and supportive - still waiting on a date - sooner the better !


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