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When I was first diagnosed with cancer, it came as a big shock and at times still cant believe I`ve had cancer. As time seems to have flown by from the time I was told until now.

My reason for writing this is to say a big big thankyou to my wife, sons and everybody who has wished me good luck.

Family take a big part of our recovery and support. In my case I had to go to a hospital 50 miles away my wife can`t drive so offers came from everywhere. My eldest son was with the Army in Ireland at the time, he came over the 1st week I was in hospital and drove his mum and brother to see me everyday. When he went back for the 2nd week my youngest son who had only passed his driving test 1 1/2 months before stepped in and brought his mum in to see me for the rest of my time in hospital, (travelling on unknow route and motorway). Friends who also came to see me and just kind letters and cards made all the difference.

The hospital staff who took care of us in hospital and saw to our pain relief and problems.

To them all a big thankyou, remember yes we do go through a lot with the operation and after effects BUT don`t forget the support from friends and family it can be more effective for our recovery. Remeber to say Thankyou to them.

Sorry for prattling on, hope things are improving for you all each day.

Live and take 1 day at a time.

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Hear hear, well said x


I agree so well said


On behalf of a carer - thank you - it is a hard road we too have to travel but I agree with you that support is so important as an aid to recovery . Hope you are doing well .

All the best Lyn x


My pleasure Lyn, I`ve been married now for 33 years this is probably the worse we both have had to contend with. Without our partners/carers help I`m sure we would fing thing even more difficult.

Hope all is progressing well, and best wishes for your wedding in August.


ah thank you Mick - have to keep reminding myself it is going to happen !!


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