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Thanks to everyone who has written about stretches and ppi medication in the past. I have just returned from hospital where I had a little stretch. Some inflammation was seen so I have to see my GP to get a prescription for "high dose of PPI for one month then repeat gastroscopy" I wasn't aware of reflux being much of a problem so a bit surprised by that. I came home, read all the posts about it and now feel so much better informed...and generally better!

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  • That is good to hear! After one of my sessions I was told that I had signs of reflux that they could see from the endoscope, but i had not felt anything recently. But for a few days afterwards I really did get to taste it - but then it wore off. Perhaps it was the disturbance cause dby the endoscope that might have done it.

    Good luck with it!


  • Thanks Alan. I think swallowing is a bit easier today....we shall see

    At least the sun has come out at last!


  • Only way is forward now hope it gets better each day for you!

  • Thank you Cherry. I'm not sure if it has made a difference! But should I be taking more care to avoid reflux? Does it do a lot of harm? I'm aware of it happening sometimes at night but didn't think it worth bothering about. I sleep on a big solid pillow plus a normal one over that...haven't tried a wedge or bricks under the bed....

    or gaviscon...

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