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What should you not do during chemotherapy?

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Hello. I don’t think there are specific limitations. Though different drugs have different side effects and require management. Certain supplements can help, some should be avoided - a good Dietition with an oncology background can guide this.

Best advice I got: Just listen to your body and don’t over do it. If answering the reverse of your question I’d encourage regular exercise (without over doing it) and eating well. Especially high calorie food to keep weight up. Again a Dietition can help.

Chemo isn’t fun. But You’ll get through it…

My best wishes to you.


Hi. I was told not to take any dietary supplements, as they can sometimes reduce the effectiveness of the chemo, but in this, as in everything, it's always best to be guided by your own oncology team. As Brett says, different drugs have different effects.

The best advice I received before I started my treatment was: 'Fight the cancer, not the chemo'.

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I was told to be kind to my body and sleep and rest when I needed to, eat whatever I fancied and when I felt well enough eat to keep my weight up. Do what I wanted to do and don’t worry about the housework save my energy for me and things I wanted to do. Also told to check with oncologist before using any herbal remedies, I also made sure the fridge and cupboards were stocked with snacks for me and meals for my then 13 yo son. Take care, good luck,

I underwent three cycles of ECX, a regime I believe has been superseded. However, during the third week of each cycle, when my immunity was compromised but cabin-fever was kicking in, one way to get out and about was visiting out of the way churches: empty and fascinating and the venue for some great art. Not gonna float everybody’s boat but just putting out there. And yes to the consensus here: if you’re tired, you’re tired. Listen to your body and follow it’s lead.

Don’t try to be tough and try to prove you can do stuff! Take the help, have a rest, do what makes you feel good and stay away from sick people!!

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