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Anybody else get chronic diseases year or so after nissen fundoplication?

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I had the nissen fundoplication op in 2008 and 18 months later I started to become sick and have got worse everyday since. It started with cluster migraines and something like fainting/non-epileptic seizures. I've read that the vegas nerve can be damaged in stomach ops and can't help feeling that this is the reason. I have Tinnitus (chronic), TMJ, cervical & spinal spondylosis, arthritis, damaged nerves, fibromyalgia, ME/CFS, severe anxiety, depression, corneal dystrophy/inflamed retinas, CKD stage 3B, fast AFIB (fitted with loop recorder in chest) peaking at 240 bmp, (heart is good but something to do with brain signals), a stroke, 2 TIA's, hypertension, hypotension, 6 fractures in lower lumber never healed from RTA 32 years ago and with several years hard labour I have degenerative disc disorder & crumbling vertebrae, so no op on back is possible. I keep getting various infections and I think my digestive system is shot because I cannot eat anything without suffering extreme exhaustion immediately after. I'm now probably suffering with IBS just because everyone else seems to have it along with chronic diseases , the bloating, the constant farting after food, the racket stomach makes even before eating, it's now erupting after a hot drink. Diarrhoea, constipation both same day sort of.... off now need a break as just writing is exhausting along with anything else we do as part of a normal day, not that I've had a normal day for years other than the other week when they gave me more than normal dose of general aesthetic to remove a polyp but only in for one day although they wanted me to stay overnight as they were concerned about pain and me sleeping and not eating (disgusting food), as I'm very tolerant of benzos and opioids but whatever it was for the following 3 days at home I had zero pain, felt relaxed it was simply awesome, if only they prescribed it in tablet form LOL

7 Replies many health problems. I'm sorry but cannot give any helpful advice but could not pass by after reading your post, without a word. I had a double bypass four months ago and thought that was a lot to cope with but reading your post mine was a walk in the park.

Just wanted you to know that I've read your post and feel for you with all that you have been through. You sound a very strong person. I wish you the very best for the future and sincerely hope your health problems improve.

Sending kind thoughts 🙂

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Thank you so much for your kind words.Once upon a time I was a strong man but now I'm a pitiful wreck feeling sorry for myself.

Every day I seem to get a knock back, the anti-biotics I'm taking due to teeth infection have knocked me for SIX, I've had plenty in the past but this time OMG I cannot do a thing.

I'm sorry to hear you've had heart problems, I really hope you are well on the mend and living life as well as we all deserve. I know these ops knock the stuffing out of you but you take it easy, do nothing and heal quickly.

Thank you for taking the time to write, it's lovely to hear from you


I have quite a lot of autoimmune problems as well. I suspect that many of your health problems are not autoimmune, such as your back problems. My Rheumatologist explained one day that Sjogren’s Syndrome, which I seem to have is tied genetically to me. In order for it to ‘wake up’ in my body it needed a precipitating event. For me, it was thyroid cancer when I was 25. Achalasia seems to partner with Achalasia sometimes, the neurological problems in Sjogren’s don’t just stay as neuropathy, they start effecting other things and in this case my esophagus—and I suspect my colon like you. Yes, I too have IBS, plus a family history of colon cancer.I don’t know what other autoimmune diseases you got stuck with! I also think once we start down this path, we have more and more doctors and they find more and more wrong with you. My Rheumatologist thinks my abnormal EKG that came about after my fundoplication, may be autoimmune related.

I think learning about your autoimmune problems is helpful. It gives you clues as to what might be related.

On the IBS, learn the foods from fodmap that cause problems. I’ve found avoiding those have helped greatly. So if I avoid things like non aged cheese, onions, artificial sweeteners, etc. I am pretty comfortable.

Pain is not a good friend, but it is a constant one. I’ve taken so many meds over the years that many cause problems and others just don’t work. Hot baths before bed help. Pot helps you sleep. You could try physical therapy, and tia chi, it doesn’t have much impact, I am walking in the pool with a few exercises.

Good luck.

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arnieatmo in reply to Pepita933

Thank you for writing, so many people with all these horrible health issues I wonder what we do to deserve this ongoing suffering, I often think 'why me' I'm no saint but I've never hurt anybody and always stick up for the smaller guy.I can't stand hot baths or showers and I can only have a warm bath when my body will allow, even then it will wipe out my day.

I don't like weed and I hardly ever exercise due to post exertion malaise but I get on my cross trainer when possible.

I'm pleased to hear you are comfortable and can do what you do, keep it up.


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Pepita933 in reply to arnieatmo

I don’t ‘like’ all the pain relief things, I just am trying to get through! As far as why me, I’ve had this very actively for over 20 years. It’s let me go through many stages. I’ve finally come to the conclusion, why not me? No one gets out of this life with out some very painful bumps. For example, a son who is a quad, a g.nephew who has acute leukemia, a friend with MS another friend with Rheumatoid arthritis, since she was 3 then fibromyalgia to top it off. There are countless people out there that have it worse than we do.

I don’t think we got this because we were bad people. However, I hope God can be seen through me despite my problems. There is a passage in the New Testament John 9:3 that I encourage you to read. Yes, exercise is difficult for me too!

So sorry for how much you have suffered. I think most of us do have problems. But nothing like yours wishing you all the best lab

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arnieatmo in reply to Lab1

Bless you ❤️

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