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Was wondering if any IL patients have regular B12 injections/ supplements? My husband was told to stop his iron & vitamin capsules (Forceval) 4 months ago. GP said it was contributing to his diarrhea . I got him some iron free vitamins online, as I felt he needed them as such a small appetite & not getting in any great amount. He’s gradually got weak & has dizzy spells.i suspect anaemia . I had to practically threaten GP for a blood test for him, which he’s got an appt for on Monday.I always thought that after this surgery B12 was a must!

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Iron along with Forceval will induce loose runny stool which is easily identified due to excess Iron intake.

If you add separate Calcium supplement in the dose then this helps counter the loose motion. I do this, I take thrice the Iron in a day still my Iron levels are jst shy of normal low range.

B12 I have good levels due to supplements. Not needed B12 injection as such. Unexplained fatigue and tiredness can be root cause of B12 deficiency.

In my view Forceval should be continued. I also get the Iron related diarrhoea but I manage it by adding excess Calcium as stated above.

Thank you for quick reply. The GI team at the hospital prescribed Forceval & I felt that this was for good reason! I have found General practitioners know very little about this operation & even less about after care. Covid has just made it impossible to get any support from local surgery. So I asked for the blood test, for my husband as I think it would give an idea as to his symptoms.

Please request GP to continue the repeat prescription for Forceval. There is a very good reason why Forceval should be taken by survivors, I came to know after 2 years of this, you were lucky that his GI team prescribed it.

In addition to Full blood test, also ask for LFT, vitamin b12, HbA1C and fasting glucose tests. Also Creatinin test if possible.

GP (Primary care) works based on symptoms, if you presented diarrhoea (iron induced) the obvious thing GP's would do is stop the Iron supplement. Yes, for patients like us its not necessarily a productive approach but thats how the system works, thats why little bit of trial and error within reasons is required for self management. Suggest you try the Calcium method and see if that helps him retain the iron and forceval same time. If you need strength etc give a shout in PM.

Thank you , all such good advice , especially the calcium supplement I will retain & refer to you reply. It’s such a complex balancing act! I definitely think my husband should go back on Forceval. Many thanks for offer of contact too. Best wishes.

Hi there,

My upper GI team have never given me Forceval, they suggested I buy a multi vitamin, which I have done and used since my op 7 yrs ago, atm I'm experiencing fatigue quite a lot, never enough sleep! But they've done bloods and all's normal, any ideas anyone? I feel like a hypochondriac keep going docs, so I don't bother them.

We do not absorb food as effectively after this operation so I take vitamin B12 in spray form. You can buy this from a company called Better You or you can buy the brand from Amazon. I have taken this ever day for a number of years and my Bit B levels are normal.

Best of luck


I'm 18 months on from my operation and have just booked my latest B12 injection (every 3 months as told by my consultant). I was advised that spray and tablet form wouldn't work well enough. Am also on A to Z vitamin tablets daily, again as advised.

Hi there I take multibionta Ato Zwith prebiotic everyday have blood tests every 3 months. I don’t need B12 injections and apart from high cholesterol on last test have been fine for 4.5 years.

Best Wishes


Hi ,I was told by surgeon I would need B12 injections every 3 months from now on.,it’s been a nightmare trying to sort out at doctors ,because of covid they not doin them,finally got sorted last week,then when I was with nurse ,she said she didn’t want to administer it while I’m on adjuvant chemo..She was goin to check with oncology last Monday..still not heard back.,Even phoned still nothing..I have a phone consultation Monday with oncology to discuss ct scan results and next cycle,so will ask then ..Having to chase everything myself,as the doctors seen to be on a go slow ..

Oh 😩 so sorry to hear this! I DO hope you get some help with this soon. We are finding GP practice extremely trying , can’t get through on phone , then when we do they say minimum of 2 week wait for telephone appt. We’re not inner city , we’re in the country! To be honest GP’s not too clued up on this surgery. Meanwhile things going downhill😰

Hi - I’m 5yrs post op - I’ve had 5 iron infusions since surgery - tablets are to slow to work for us - the infusions work right away - my specialist nurse sorts them out for me - I get 3 blood tests a year - so far I have no problems with B12 - I would get in touch with specialist nurse as might speed things on - all the best

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