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Pete update


Hi all you kind people

So the latest on pete is he had his scan yesterday and everything is looking good the consultant said he can start on Monday having soup and yogurt ect they said all cancer has gone he now has no infection and they said he will be able to come home in 10days so lots of good news yesterday thank you every one for all your kind words and encouragement through this very difficult time xx

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What lovely news Valerie. You will be over the moon. I can sense relief and excitement in your post. Please send Pete my best wishes, there's nothing like being home amongst the people we love to help us gain strength and well being.

Please take time to look after yourself too my dear.


That’s great news ! I remember when I was told I could come home after my long hospital stay. I never thought I’d hear those words. I’m so pleased for you both.

Wonderful news. So pleased for you both. Take care and stay safe xx

Great news Valerie,

at long last you can begin to look forward and continue Pete's recovery . Best of luck and stay safe.


Great news for you both.

Hi Valerie

That is wonderful news, well done to both of you. So pleased for you.

Take care.

Kind regards


So pleased for you. Best news ever.

Take care


So glad that things are looking better, speedy recovery to Pete and all the best going forward to both of you.

Great news. Nice to see there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Stay well


I’m absolutely delighted for you both, some good news at last!!

Great news best wishes to you both. Take care.

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