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Dumping syndrome relief


If you suffer from dumping syndrome, do yourself a favour and read this article and than try Acarbose after seeking medical advice.

I have used it for the last week and it has drastically improved my dumping.


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Please ensure you seek medical advice before following this advise as not recommended for OG cancer patients by the medical professionals.

Janashlin in reply to DaveChuter

I agree re the medical advice but can you please tell me where you have read that’s it’s not recommended? My specialist has prescribed it for me.

Can you explain why it’s not advised? The results of this study were so positive in reducing dumping.

That's a very interesting article .Regardless of taking arcabose or not there are many references which I found helpful in understanding and putting into words the symptoms I experience - the brain fog ,inabilty to process stuff,visual disturbances ,twitching ,trembling ,cold sweats .

A lot of googling ,but v interesting .Thanks for posting .

I am going to ask for this medicine to help me.i Amin more diabetes type II stage. And high blood glucose immediately after meals and dumping. So glad for seeing this article. Thanks janashlin.

If you dontmindmeasking are you in the UK?is this over the counter or prescription only?

Janashlin in reply to Mauser1905

I am in Australia and it’s prescription here. Best of luck. Life changing so far for me.

Hi It’s an old diabetes medicine, it works by restricting the carb breakdown into sugar. I was given it in England by my endocrinologist who I mentioned dumping to when I was seeing him re my pituitary tumour. He said I should use it on an as and when basis, if I knew I was eating a high carb or a meal I knew was likely to cause dumping. Not to take it on a regular basis as my system was still repairing and he didn’t want me on it long term. I still use it occasionally when I know I’m out and it’s going to be a lot of high carb food I started to use it occasionally 5 years ago and use very rarely now.

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