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Hi, my LPR started a month ago. It began with my throat closing up / contracting / spasming at night. I was unable to sleep at all because i simply couldn't breathe. A few days later i got the more classic signs of LPR, a sore throat, burning tongue, lump in the throat, mucus. I went to the GP and he prescribed antihistamines not understanding what it was. Days later after 2 weeks of no sleep and then not being able to eat, i went to the walk in clinic, luckily by then i had acid coming up in to my mouth and nose so it was obvious it was reflux related. He told me to use gaviscon for 4 days then go on to lansoprezol for 4 weeks . The 4 days of gaviscon toned the throat down and left me able to eat a bit more and sleep a bit more but still waking up choking. Bizarrely i started finding it harder to breath during the day at that point though . The Lansoprezol has helped amazingly well compared to how i was. I'm eating small amounts spaced throughout the day and that seems to help too. It's meant the throat spasms have calmed down and i can sleep a bit more, no choking. However since reading about ppi's i am now so worried about being on them long term. But I'm equally terrified of coming off them . The 2 weeks i didn't sleep / eat were truely unbearable. I've read about things to try when i come off the lanso. Probiotics, aloe vera, slippery elm, DGL and more. I'm starting multibionta initially, I'm wondering if i should take more probiotics on top of the multibionta too. Anyway these are just things that are going round in my head. Any advice will be very gratefully received. (I'm 40yrs old, thin, non smoker, non drinker. No caffeine)

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I suffered the same problems for 4 years. I was sick after every meal. I lost 5 stones. A year ago I thought, if I am going to be sick after every meal, I might as well eat something I enjoyed. So, I had a curry. That night I slept right through the night for the first time in 4 years. No waking up a dozen times choking because of aspirations. I now eat curry every day. I don't claim not to have reflux in the night anymore but it is now the exception not the rule.

I hope this helps you.

Good luck

I'm staying on my PPI.

When it was changed to generic capsule, and dose reduced to 15mg, symptoms returned.

I find that Zoton Fastab orodispersible lansoprazole is the best for me. I have been told to take the Gaviscon Advance too, but have difficulties swallowing it.

If you are taking the Lansoprazole 30mg orodispersible in the morning and the Gaviscon Advance Peppermint at night on a regular basis that should help shouldn't it? Maybe in time when you feel well you could try cutting down to 15mg on alternate days then 15mg daily. See if symptoms comeback?

If you find that once at night is not enough Gaviscon Advance then you could take it after your main meal of the day also.

I think it also depends on what other medication you need to take. I have to take Levothyroxine - which needs stomach acid to work. I also need to take Colecalciferol (Vitamin D3) which has to be 4 hours away from Levothyroxine. Lansoprazole needs to be at least 2 hours away from Levothyroxine ideally more. So I have difficulty remembering my Vitamin D . Usually 'forget' my Gaviscon Advance at night also - until I wake in the night struggling for breath with my throat closed up.

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Lpr. Short of breath soon after waking and last all day, coughing was bad but going down abit now. Nighttime is my best time since not eating 4 hours before bed.Still short of breath. Does you find that your short of breath

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Graham07allen : I am 3 months from surgery and still get out of breath. Had a lot of coughing also but that went away after about 2 months. My surgeon and physical therapist told me it is normal since with the surgery they cut your diaphragm, stomach muscles and nerves. Just take it slow. Remember as bad as it is you need to walk to get energy. Also you don't want to have any issues with blood clots. Also I get out of breath shaving and standing in the shower so I purchased a shower chair to sit in the shower and it helped. Also use it to sit on when I shave or have to do anything such as brushing my teeth. Everyone is different and this surgery takes a lot out of all patients but I am told as with eating it will get better. Just a real rough recovery process but don't get discouraged. It's normal as much as it stinks. Hang in there.

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Hi sorry for late reply, how long have you had lpr. And what surgery did you have. My cough has gone down abit and my throat clearing all the time has gone abit but I still have episodes, it's just the shortness of breath that gets me. Thanks

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I had a esophagectomy to have the majority of my esophagus removed. I been taken Nexium for my reflux and it seems to help. I am having issues with food getting stuck so I will be going for a dilation procedure in 2 weeks with my surgeon. As I mentioned earlier I had a lot of coughing issues in which after about 2 months they are gone. As of today my out of breath issues have gotten a lot better. When I go out to the store I take rest breaks and it helps. The out of breath is the worst part of the recovery but as my last reply your body takes a lot of trauma when your stomach and nerves are cut for there's your diaphragm and not to mention nerves. It will get better and if you have the lung Spirometer use that 10x a day for 10 reps for like my surgery they collapse your lung. Even if you didn't still will help with building your lungs up to help with breathing. If you don't have one you can buy them at a pharmacy. Good Luck.

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