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Vision disturbance

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Hi I am 3 months post chemo radiotherapy treatments after the IL. I recently developed some visual disturbances. The ophthalmologist says he thinks it’s due to the chemotherapy. I’m worried about them now because they may get worse and already it’s a bit difficult to read my phone.

I thought it may be the Lanzoprazole so I discontinued it a week ago to see. I’m not sure if the vision is worse better or the same.

Has anyone else had this problem, did they find what is causing it and has it improved over time or got worse.

I’m having a brain scan with my routine 4 monthly scan on Monday to rule out anything untoward growing in the brain.

Thank you for your replies.

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Hi Paul

I had my chemo nearly two years ago. My vision prescription changed dramatically and there has been no improvement, there is also mention of cateracts forming.. No-one confirms it but I am certain it was either the chemo or the IL operation. Never sure if they have you face down when they go into your back. In addition, my hearing deteriorated. I think it may be something we have to live with, I also have breathlessness which I never had before.

Best wishes


Hi I had my op over 8 years ago and my vision changed, I was diagnosed with a pituarty Tumor which quite surprisingly shrank in the year after treatment. My vision has improved. The double vision and difficulty focussing is much much better, the headaches I got from constantly trying to focus and the nausea from the double vision or sort of delay between moving my head and my eyes agreeing has completely gone

My hearing deteriated too and I was told this is a common side effect of Chemo.

Hi I had IL operation 5years ago and my sight had changed when I went for check up they said I had cataract in both eyes. Surgeon said it was because of chemo and steroids taken at the same time. Had one eye done and the other eye next month good luck lab

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