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Severe Acid Reflux Support/Advice


Hi there, new here - I've been having severe acid reflux issues since last August which have taken a big toll on my daily life. I spend most of the average day loudly belching - often to the point where the gas balloons up at the base of my throat and makes me cough - and experiencing stomach gargling and pain seemingly regardless of what I eat and usually end it with a very sore throat having not accomplished much of merit because I've felt so debilitated by it all. It also comes accompanied with bouts of chest/left arm pain - a big health anxiety trigger for me despite being in my early twenties and being checked out several times for cardiac problems.

I had an endoscopy two months ago which came back fine - they did discover I have a Schatzki ring but said it was ultimately inconsequential to my issues - and an ultrasound to rule out gallstones or anything of the like. In terms of medication, I think I've been prescribed practically every acid reflux prevention med there is to try for a bit - omeprazole, lansoprazole, ranitidine, esomeprazole, and metoclopramide - and none of them have done much to control the issue, lansoprazole and ranitidine in particular made me feel a lot worse. I've just been given pantroprazole as the last med my GP is willing to try as I refused domperidone because of the small risk of cardiac issues that would've probably sent my anxiety through the roof. I also had bloods done to check for dietary things like celiac which have all come back fine.

I'm waiting to see a gastrointestinal specialist which I was referred to by my GP prior to Christmas who can hopefully help me make progress but in the meantime I'd love to hear from some friendly folk who have also experienced similar issues that might be able to share a few pointers on how they cope with it. I understand that feeling stressed out about it all likely isn't helping but it's difficult not to be when it's been the focal point of my daily routine for so long.

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Try slippery elm and Astragalus tea they work for me read up on details on net or see a herbalist

Hi everyone I make my own Kefir so costs $1 per litre

Trillions of probiotics to get your stomach etc working properly

Make sure you take the PPI at least one hour before a meal so it has a chance to dissolve and enter your blood stream. Make sure you leave two hours after eating before going to bed. I sleep almost straight up, with three pillows, if in doubt. I can’t eat chocolate, some dairy products, carbonated beverages, caffeine, onions, acidic tomato sauce on pizza or spaghetti, or spicy foods. You need to identify the foods that trigger the acid reflux for you and avoid them. If you do eat them, do it early in the day, so you are not trying to go to bed within a few hours. I also find wine causes me issues at times. It makes me feel like I’m living in a “no fun” zone, but it makes a difference for me.

First thing to do is to try and determine whether you have acid or bile reflux. If you have bile, then ppi medicines will only make the problem worse because bile is alkaline and acid will help to neutralise the bile. Get some litmus paper to determine. In the meantime try a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in a small amount of fizzy drink. Good luck.

Hi docbop

I have, sorry doc said i have GERD its been nearly 2 months now. I woke up every day with a dull pain in the middle of my stomach, back pain, some days with a feeling that something is stuck on my throat. I still eat ok but some days i feel like I am just forcing myself because i am scared to lose weight. I have been taking a lot of ppi's from omeprazole to lansoprazole and now my gp had give me esomeprazole 40mg to take once a day. Nothing since to work at all sometimes i just had a bit of gaviscon but really nothing works. I am due to have a ultrasound on the 19th of june i am really scared, i feel depressed nd I feel like no one is listening to me saying that it is stress and all.

Did u manage to get things better.

I am really sad because i am thinking the worst at the moment, that i am dying that i have something way more than GERD like a big disease. I am not myself anymore i really need help.

I am going back and forth between GP nd ER. Can someone help me please

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Hi Ricecake92, I realise this was a 6 month old post but wondered how you are now, what tests you had & what was it in the end? x

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