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Rib pain

Happy new year all. Just a question, my husband had Ivor Lewis op 5 months ago, he did suffer broken ribs from op but as far as we know these have healed. However, he still suffers rib pain and feels like there is a tight band around his chest. Any ideas? Thanks

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Hi sorry, also he has recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure, has anyone else experienced this too?


Hi Peanut Pickle,

I had my op over 8 years ago and suffered the same pain. My surgeon referred me to a pain doctor who microwaved the nerves, which has worked. It stopped the tight band pain and massively reduced the middle of the shoulder pain

Cheers Lizzy


Thanks Lizzy, he has check up at end of month so will mention your treatment x


I did wait till 9 months after the op to get it seen to, I was swallowing a lot of co-codomol up till then.


My op was January 2018 and I still get chest pain, not severe but uncomfortable. I was told it can take one or two years to go but as it is about the only thing wrong with me after the op I accept it. I recently had a viral chest infection (winter bug) and that has not helped but that is also on its way out.


Thanks, he is also getting over chest infection which has made his pain worse too! Thanks for replying


Yes your husband certainly had his ribs broken in the Ivor Lewis opp did they not tell you what happens ? The surgeons usually cut three ribs with a machine similar to a bolt cutter and then spread tj apart with a reverse clamp device for the duration of the upper part of the opp this could be at least a couple of hours hence the stress and healing time afterwards I am eight months out and still have numbness and pain this is normal you could try taking some protalictic enzymes like serrapeptase or bromeline to help eat up the dead proteins that cause scar tissue this has worked well for me

Good luck


As I understand it, i had a rib removed for my op. Still some numbness and soreness 16months on but getting less

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