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Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication, post op advice

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Hello, I'm new to this site.

I have had the Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication op 6 weeks ago. I am finding things difficult and still experiencing silent acid reflux. May I ask if you have undergone the Nissen op and how long is it before I see the benefits. Also, your experiences post op would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance.

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I had nissan 360 (with a 360 degree .. total .. wrap) in sep 17 on nhs st thoms ldn due to a giant rollong HH. I ate very little 2 to 3 days post op but fortunately since op i have not had reflux .. no tablets .. its great gerd-wise.

However i still get swallowin difficulties due to the scar tissue in oesoph caused by original acid burning. To address swallowin diffs they plan to modify my nissan from a 360 to 270ish as they think it may be too tight given presence of scarring. Issue for me here is will the loosening bring back reflux? They say it shouldnt. expert but in your case i would ask is wrap too loose .. bear in mind even if u have a 360 wrap my understanding is there are tight and loose wraps depending how surgeon applies wrap

Good luck and hny


Forgot to add .. im male 61yrs .. keep fjt and i lost weight .. 3.5 stone. My former huge stomach acted like a balloon. As i rolled over in bed of a night or bent down this created pressure in stom pushing acid up.

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5PomPom in reply to Garysreflux

Hi Gary, thank you for your reply and time.

I'm pleased to hear that things for you have improved greatly.

I actually see my surgeon next Tuesday 8/01/19 I will of course be asking lots of questions.

I only hope that I am a slow health improver, fingers crossed.

Kind Regards


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