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Hello, my dad has had to stop treatment as he is too weak (mostly due to not being able to swallow) after chemo and radiotherapy. He wasn’t given the option for a feeding tube as they think the risk is too high and now o don’t think anyone would operate on him as he is too weak. We can swallow clear liquids only on good days and we know he won’t be able to fight for much longer. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on CBD and THC oil and whether there will be much benefits for my dad? I’m worried as it says it’ll increase his appetite but that’s no help if he can’t physically eat..We are not looking for cures but anything to make him more comfortable and prolong his life we will try.. we were told to have both but also worried about the THC effects..Thank you for listening..

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Hello positive thoughts 77,

I don’t know if I will be able to help, but I have just been through a second lot of radio therapy, - I have a large lump lump on my lymph gland just above my right collarbone, so I’m sure the aftereffects I have been suffering are similar to those of your dad. I live in Nottingham and the hospital issued me with some liquid called Antacid & Oxetacaine Oral Suspension - I have a feeling the hospital pharmacy may make it up themselves but I found it very helpful.

I draw the liquid up in a small syringe and then let a few drops at a time trickle down my throat & it sort of numbs the throat, making it far easier to eat a little or drink. I too have lost a lot of weight and feel concerned about eating enough. I am sorry this is so brief, I will try and send more later, I do hope this will help. ,

Thinking of you, Blondie B

Thanks Blondie, I will look into this, anything to help with swallowing. We are in Australia and it sounds like UK or USA has a lot more knowledge about this cancer!

Positvethoughts77, hello!

Sad to read this, but I wonder why you consider not looking for cures? I read your earlier posts and I guess your dad wasn't a candidate for surgery, because the tumor was up high? So the alternative was high-dose-radiation and chemotherapy?

This can also be a cure. Nevertheless, when he suffers so much of the side effects, I don't understand why a feeding tube would be a risk?

Hi Monikaf, we’ve been asking for a feeding tube but the Drs simply refuse and tell us for his prognosis they said it’ll do more damage ie he’ll suffer more from it which I don’t understand as he is now basically starving to death. He’s had 3 rounds of radiation on 3 different locations on his esophagus (the tumour keeps popping up different spots) and had lots of side effects from chemo and the Drs are now saying he is too weak to treat. I’ve even rung the Australian medical complaints to see if this was humane - that they can refuse a feeding tube and they said the Drs are not obliged to treat if they think the risk is too high. I don’t understand as my dad said he would rather die trying than to starve to death. I had to fight with the pallative doctor to have fluid given to him through IV which they said they don’t normally do as so now they give him fluid through subcut daily at home. We live in Australia and I don’t know I feel so frustrated as I feel they aren’t doing enough..😞

Don't give up on this, please! Another probability is to have parenteral nutrition via port. (My mother had this, GP can do it.) Nevertheless, I don't know about the Australian health system.

And the point is, I don't understand the factor 'risk'. What harm could it be to treat a person otherwise starving to death?

Would it be possible to consult another clinic? Or to say, you can pay on your own? I feel somehow alarmed because I know a fellow patient, who had surgery a week after me in February 2018, who didn't recover and really starved to death. He didn't have a feeding tube, which obviously is standard in the US (I'm in Germany) and couldn't eat.

Doctors are not the ones to decide, it's the patient himself. Don't give up on this!

I really hope that you can convince them! Best wishes, Monika

Thanks Monikaf. Parenteral nutrition via the port sounds amazing - esp as my dad already has a port. I’ve asked them about other options and they say there’s not much more they can do and just refer us to Pallative care. From the start the Drs kept saying the risk of infection and other things going wrong is too much of a risk. I don’t understand either why this is the case - I think as my dad’s cancer has spread to his lungs and lots of lymph nodes it’s like they’ve given up. I don’t want to give up and constantly looking at other options but feel like there’s not much more, hence the oils. He has good days and he has been able to keep carrot juice and beef broth down. This at least will keep him going. But I won’t give up. My dad refuses to go to Pallative and says only if he can eat and have energy he will keep fighting it. Thank you for your advice 🙂

Dear Positive thoughts 77

I am so sorry that your Dad and you are having such a struggle.

My partner has had his treatment through various public and private systems in Melbourne. When he had his initial chemotherapy assisted radiotherapy at PeterMac (main public cancer hospital) he was given "Pink Lady" - a combination of Xylocaine viscous (anaesthetic liquid) and Gaviscon (antacid) - and Morphine syrup. Doses were "as much as you need". The Pink Lady hurt to swallow but then the anaesthetic kicked in and he was able to drink cool to warm (not hot or cold) drinks. The other systems were all familiar with this treatment.

The tube feed liquids can be given orally as well - taste bland -and they are designed to be a complete food. The dieticians at your Dad's hospital/system can arrange supply that is cheaper than retail.

I think it is fair enough to try anything in your Dad's situation - any symptom relief you can get your hands on. Marijuana as oil, tobacco or vape liquid (not sure how to obtain supply in Oz) has been helpful to many. Start with a small dose and building up gradually as tolerated should minimise side effects. Your father may welcome feelings of "pleasantness" !

Keep phoning the people responsible for your Dad's care persistently until they take notice. The Triage Nurse at Peter Mac can work magic sometimes. Tell your story forcefully (but politely) to everyone he sees (dieticians, Registrar Drs, Nurses, Pathology blood takers, Radiographers, etc etc) so that they can advocate for him if they have an opportunity. Ask to see the Social Worker and tell him/her. Ask everyone if they have any ideas about what would help.

I hope this is useful.

I wish you and your Dad relief from your worries.

Thinking of you both

Thanks so much for your advice, esp as you are also in Australia I know those meds will be available. I’ll look into it ASAP. The oils seem to have relaxed him!

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This is EXCELLENT advice for you x

Dear Positive Thoughts

Your Dad’s situation sounds very difficult and I’m sorry you can’t get clear answers. I have copied a link below for the Australian Centre for Digestive Diseases. You may get some clarity from them.

Best wishes to you both



This is fantastic- thank you. I’ll give them a call to get some advice and their opinion. Thanks again

Hi, I had a 6mm Tumour on my Oesophagus. I was given a 2 month chemo program. A very famous friend bought me some pure cannibis oil. I asked my oncologist what he thought. He said that he couldn’t ‘officially’ advise. I said ok. If it was your wife or daughter, would you take it alongside the chemo . He said yes. Now whether it was the chemo or the caniibis oil or a mixture of the 2 .... I don’t care. What I do know is that the Tumour shrunk so much they couldn’t even see it in the PET scan. Obviulsy they still had to do the Ivor Lewis op to remove my Oesophagus. My friend told me that if I ingested it by mouth. I would be ‘off my tits for days’ (sorry). But if I put it up my bottom, I wouldn’t feel any of the obvious effects. I used to put a small sweet corn size bit in a suppository capsule and insert with a little cream (not dairy) ha. My point is. When I had the chemo AND the oil, the pain I suffered while eating disappeared. No science to it.... but it worked. This is totally illegal in the uk but so what. At this stage, we’ll try anything... right?

I’m 12 weeks post op. Given the all clear and adapting my life due to my stomach now being in my chest xx Good luck xx

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Glad to see someone else tried the oil. I made my own, following instructions on YouTube. Just like you my tumor seemed to shrink to nothing. I had the ivor Lewis and my surgeon was amazed at how it had shrivelled up. He said I must have responded very well to the chemo. I just wish the doctors and government would listen to people like us. God bless you

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Fantastic news for both of us. Yes, like you. I’m not giving false hope but could it be a coincidence?

Glad to hear your news x

Great to hear! We’ve also been told to insert in a suppository capsule if too hard to take orally. Currently he is having tiny drops and so far so good. Good to know it has done positive things to you both. I’ll keep my fingers crossed! 🙏

I had NO obvious cannibis effects. Just amazing results. Good luck. Please keep us posted x

Hi John0118, I know you said that a friend gave you some cannabis oil but do you know where I could buy some that’s genuine? I’ve obviously ‘googled’ but don’t know where to begin with obtaining a verified product or knowing how much to take. This is for my husband who had cancer of the oesophagus 4 years ago that’s now returned to the right hand side of his spine.

Hoping that you are well.

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I used cannabis oil and apricot kernels prior to having chemo. When first diagnosed I was unable to swallow solid food. A week before my chemo, I could feel the lump had gone and was able to eat normally. I don't want to give false hope but that is my story. When all other options are gone, then I believe anything is worth trying. Good luck.

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Brilliant. I was scared to try the apricot kernels as I heard they had cinenide in them but hey... whatever it takes. God bless ya

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Yes they do contain cyanide, but it is locked in compound with sulphur, which is harmless to the body under normal conditions. But, when the compound meets a cancer cell, the cell splits the compound and absorbs the cyanide causing the cell to die.

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Amazing mate. X

Hi AlanWare, I am trying to find suitable cannabis products to help my husband whose oesophagul cancer has returned to the right of his spine. Is it possible for you to tell me where you bought your products and what the products were? I don’t know where to begin.

Sorry I can't help you. I got lucky. I was talking to a bloke in the waiting area at the hospital. He told me about it. We arranged to meet up at a pub. He supplied me with a bag of buds. It cost me £100. I put them in a slow cooker with a pint of alcohol and left it to soak for a few days. While it was steeping I kept squeezing the buds. I then strained the buds out, to leave a liquor. Then turned the cooker on to evaporate the alcohol. This left me with a thick black goo. Twice a day, I put just a tiny bit in a piece of bread and swallowed it. You can find lots of info about using it on YouTube. I must ad that I had 6 apricot kernels ground in a coffee grinder 8 times a day.

I hope this is of help to you. Let me know if I can be of any further help. You can email me at awarealarms@gmail.com.

Great! I’ll look into it!! Thanks so much!

What country are you in ?if you are in Aust contact the Church of Ubuntu they may be able to advise you

I am sorry to hear your dad is so weak. I was 90% blocked and on liquid diet but pot products did help my desire to eat. I would sit at the table and take as much time as needed. I did manage to maintain my weight and keep my strength up . It may seem a bit shocking for your dad if he is not accustomed to using pot but it may help. All my doctors knew this 68 yr old was using and said if it help they were all for it . I had stomach and esophagus cancer so they used a j tube in my intestines for nutrition after the surgery. I used everything I could get my hands on or that I could wrap my mind around. My faith, my family , raki and pot products. I wish him the best and hope his strength returns .

Has anyone mentioned a stomach tube to feed and give him fluids ?

A friends throat cancer has meant he has to have this

Ask Ask Ask

(If you don’t ask you don’t get or you don’t know!!)

Stay positive and best wishes

Fizzy35 x

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