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Temp stent

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Hi guys !

As I’ve said several times my husband has had several “ stretches” since his IL nearly 16 months ago, actually 7 to date.

He manages ok but at his follow up today his Consultant mentioned that if he wanted to he could have a temporary stent fitted. Unfortunately I was unable to attend with him and he is a nightmare when it comes to getting information particularly as important as this!

Just wondering has anyone temp experience of this and assuming it’s fitted during Endoscopy as outpatient? And how long for generally ?

Any advice great fully appreciated!


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I’m only on my third but that seems like a good option x

Hi Deb,

My wife had IL op in May and had problems with swallowing. She had three stretches done but each time it closed again. Consultant decided not to continue with stretches for fear of causing damage to join and decided on temp stent. It was put in as surgical outpatient under GA. THe aim was to put in for 6 weeks but it ended up being 8. They don’t like it being any longer as it gets difficult to remove. While the stent was in she was eating pretty good but since stent removed it has closed again, not quite as bad but making things difficult. We have spoke with consultant and think he is going to put stent back in for another spell. We have clinic meeting this afternoon and we will let you know result. Brian.

Many thanks for your reply. The new lumen doesn’t close up anywhere near as much as it did this time last year and they still managed to put a balloon in up to 20mm once stretched but depending on food type he sometimes struggles and always needs water to help get it down.

That definitely sounds like it could be an option for him to consider......let us know how you get on after her appointment.

Good luck

Hi Deb

Saw consultant at clinic who told my wife that an appointment for OGD had been made for 16th Dec too look at what was happening. When we told him that the consultant who did the op was considering putting stent back in he changed to saying that they will still do the OGD but under GA and then if they decide on stent they will do it at the same time instead of two separate procedures. What did you mean by lumen? Brian. I don’t think they would consider a stent if my wife could get opening to 20mm her max is 10mm and less.


They call the lumen “ the new Oesophagus “ ... the latter “ stretches “ he’s had have all managed to go to 20mm where as in the early months it shrunk right back to zero ! Yet they still suggest a temp stent . Whether it’s because he’s had 7 stretches in so often I don’t know ? At the moment he’s not keen to have any further surgery unless things get so uncomfortable.!

All best and happy New Year !

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