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Blood in Spit


Hi Guys, I had my ivor lewis surgery on 19th march 2018 esophagus cancer which was removed, all good except few normal issues.From last 2 months i am getting blood coming out in my spit average once or twice every week night time .(Mostly when i eat any sort of crackers or certain types of food,but sometimes without any reason )Got my endoscopy done which showed no issues at all and report was all cleared,also got my throat checked by ENT no issues,.If anybody has got a similar issue or know about this, please advice or suggest as every time i see the blood i get scared and upset.Also i feel quite weak sometimes.

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Hi, don’t know if it’s the same but my husband had this, he had a CT Scan and it turned out to be a lung infection which they said sometimes happens after having this operation because the lung is deflated and is prone to infection after, my husband had a course if strong antibiotics and is fine now.

John0118 in reply to Tilly1000

Hi Tilly, I’ve had s bad cough since my operation 9 weeks ago. Really exhausting. Did you husband have a bad cough. Mine is so bad it makes me sick up thick frothy stuff from my lungs.

Tilly1000 in reply to John0118

Yes my husband had a racking cough every time he tried to lay down which they said was due to acid, he was given medication but it continued, then in a bad coughing fit the flem was blood stained, took him to A&E, he was kept in hospital for a week where they gave him stronger anti acid drugs & Intravenous antibotics & a CT Scan showed nodules in his lung which were infection caused by the coughing & happened because that lung was weaker due to being deflated in the operation, but now with strong anti acid medication his cough is much improved, doesn’t cough up pink frothy stuff now & is back to sleeping laying down, with hindsight I think we should have gone to A & E sooner

Copyap in reply to Tilly1000

Thanks Tilly looks like lungs infection as as i feel quite breathless with little physical exhaustion.Will go to the gp again next week.Thanks again..

Tilly1000 in reply to Copyap

When my husband was checked at A&E they put him on oxygen as his stats were low due to the infection, we had gone to the GP earlier that day but they said lungs were clear, also saw oncologist on the afternoon & he arranged the CT Scan, but that night with the blood stained hankerchief was enough for me hence taking him to A&E, we were taken seriously straight away & he was admitted, advice to you would be to ask your oncologist for an urgent CT Scan, ask the GP for strong antibotics & stronger anti acid medication, & my husband was given meds to speed up the movement of food to help with the acid, I can give you a list of all of his meds he was put on that have helped him?

Copyap in reply to Tilly1000

Thanks again,i will ask the gp to give a referral script and get the ct scan done privately asap.hopefully this will help..regards

Hi there,

Did the ENT Check back of nose. I get slight nose bleeds now which spit out a bit of bloody mucus.

Hope it improves


Copyap in reply to kiddy

Yes debbie ent did check back of the nose.

Hi, I had something similar it only happened in the morning after I woke up and they found it was nosebleeds I had at night while I was asleep and then bought the blood up with mucus I had also swallowed in the morning. Worried me too at the time. hope it gets sorted soon.

Take care Lizzy

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