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Hi all. I was wondering what happens to the pancreas during the Ivor Lewis operation - does it get moved much or does or remain in its normal position. I now have pancreatitis and, as I have had many complications since my initial operation, I am assuming this is also related. Has anyone else had pancreatitis following IL operation? Thanks, as always, for any info and replies!

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I have had IL Oesophagectomy. Currently having hyperglycaemia after meals. Dietician via GP have prescribed Creon 25000mg which is basically treatment for Endocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI). This is Not pancreatitis.

The real answer to your question would have to be given by the surgeon who did your operation. It is true to say that the surgery does involve a major upheaval in the chest / stomach area. The more of your oesophagus and stomach that is removed, the greater the effect on the surrounding organs, so it would not be surprising if your pancreas shifted a bit. Personally, I have never heard of pancreatitis as a generalised potential result of this surgery. Each operation is probably a little bit different from each other though, and you may be right to think about complications possibly having some kind of effect. But again, you would have to ask.

What is more likely is that sustained problems with dumping syndrome / insulin spikes might have an effect on the working of the pancreas.

This is unqualified speculation however, and you do need to seek proper medical advice and treatment.

Hi Amsy,

Did you undergo chemo or radio therapy, as these too can affect other organs.

Hi Jay

No, I was lucky enough not to need chemo or radiotherapy - just the surgery, but I did have problems after including c-diff and then a diaphragmatic hernia, which meant a further operation.

Thank you Alan and Mauser for your replies too!


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