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Food sticking in throat.


Thank you for accepting me into your association.

I have Crohns and gord pluss other heart issues and recently i have been getting food stuck in my throat again only a lot more frequently than in the past. I had an endoscopy about two years ago and everything was ok, but can't make up my mind weather to contact my gastroenterologist about this. Please advise if possible. Thanks Graeme.

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Hi Graeme, I am no expert but I know that my husband had an endoscopy every other year for Barretts and every time it was fine until food starting getting stuck and he had an endoscopy less than a year after the last one and everything was not fine - so don't delay contacting your gastro, it's the only way to be sure.

Thanks for your advice tejags6. I have rang gastroenterology and am now waiting for an appointment.

Good luck !

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