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Recipe books or foods that are nutritious, tasty and easy to digest for people that have had Ivor Lewis surgery

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Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for your helpful information and support in this community. Has anyone found some helpful information recipe books, books with helpful information on easier to digest foods and recipes with helpful lifestyle support to help get thru some of the many hurdles, that this type of surgery and the effects of chemo and radiation do to the body?

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OPA has one for download on their website. See this link

Thanks so much. Lots of good information.

Somebody on here recommended 'Weight Gain Smoothies' by Danny Gansneder (I downloaded it onto my Kindle from Amazon). The first recipe has 2000 calories! I made up half quantities (I think) and split it into 3 using those little glass bottles. My hubby would sip one and I put the others in the fridge for later. They worked much better than the drinks that the hospital gave us, which were too sweet.

Definitely worth a try I think.

Good luck

Lou xxxxxxx

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Thanks so much Lou. I should have ask this question awhile ago. I'm getting alot of good information to check into.

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