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Pain 18 months after fundoplication surgery


I have pain at the surgery site it has been going on for about 3 months low pain then some days I cannot get out of bed, I call the doctor and the only response I get it is gas. No it is not! It has finally gotten sore to the touch, I did have a kidney stone little over a year ago on the same side as the surgery with no complications. What could the pain be?

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I'm new to this sort of thing but I also had a Nissen Fundoplication 18 months ago. How are you since your initial post? any improvements. I know with me, I seem to be burping air quite a lot. My swallowing is 90% better than what it was sometimes 95% but I can occasionally feel it go past my nissen wrap.


Did you figure out what this was? I'm going through the same thing, even clothes touching my chest where my diapragm is, is hurting. I'm pregnant and worried that's causing extra reflux that's pulling on my wrap site.

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