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4 years postop total gastrectomy persistent statorhea and weight lost any medication or supplememt to end it using creon/useless Any info aboıt ox bile extract

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As you know, steattorrhoea is when stools are a pale colour. They can be oily, may float or have a poor smell. It is caused by poor mixing of food with pancreatic secretions, and having excess fat in the stools. I did not know about anything other than Creon for treating this, but do know that some people do use Creon in quite large amounts. So whether ox bile extract is likely to be more effective than Creon I do not know, or whether it can safely be taken in addition. It might also be worth double checking the information leaflet that comes with the Creon so that you are taking it exactly as designed, as the timing of taking it before / with food can be very important.

Has this problem developed recently?

Have you had long term issues with insulin spikes / dumping syndrome?

My instinct is to say that you need to consult the specialist nurse about getting checked up, perhaps by a gastroenterologist, as these things are based on a balance of chemicals to get the digestion working well, and you do need to check that all is well with your pancreas . I imagine that it is feasible that not digesting fat may be a contributory factor in your weight loss.

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Thank you too much

The problem has occıred after operation snd till now no improvemet

We went many speciallist but no answer ...

Hi there did you have a breath test to see if you have bacterial overgrowth causing your weight loss. I am also on Creon but it seems to regulate everything for me. I take 3 with food and two with snacks.I take a vitamin with preobotics in it from boots. Have you spoke with the dietician at the hospital. I am also being tested for lactose intolerance.

Good Luck


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Thank you


I am 6 years this June post op with total gastrectomy and have to take Creon as the pancreas isnt producing the enzymes required to digest food. I use an app Carb & Cals that shows the fat content in food and take 1 Creon tablet for 10g of fat main meals, snacks etc. Cant say I am brilliant at it and not always use the tablets when I should but told it is something I will have to do ongoing. I levelled out at around 10 stone eventually (around 15 before op) and do go below this at times presently 9.10 and at times been up to 10.5 and everyone including me seem happy with that.


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Thank you very much For your contributions

Like other respondents, I take Creon and don't know of any alternative. I take one tablet with each meal and it seems to help a little, but, like Alan, I also know people who take quite large amounts. Since my op (partial gastro-oesophagectomy 10 years ago) I have also significantly reduced the amount of fat in my diet, because I can't digest it and it causes acid/bile reflux.

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