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Waiting for results and very anxious

I was diagnosed with a small area of Barrett’s oesophagus at the base of my gullet about 4 years ago. Two days ago I underwent my second surveillance gastroscopy and knew by the amount of time they took doing the procedure that something wasn’t right. They took a great many biopsies and when it was all over told me they had found a ‘lump’ about midway in my oesophagus. I’m just 60yrs old and have no symptoms at all, no problems swallowing or any of the symptoms of oesophageal cancer. The doctor said nothing informative but looked very grave. I’ve now got to wait ages for a CT scan and the biopsy results. Are all looking lumps in the oesophagus cancerous. I’m expecting the very worst at the moment. Be good to hear from anyone with experience in this area.

Many thanks

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There can be non malignant lumps and bumps, especially when it is not in the immediate area of the junction with the stomch. Try not to read to much into the expressions of doctors. Sometimes it gives entirely the wrong impression. There is a protocol that dictates the number of biopsies to be taken at 2 cm intervals, and this is sometimes not always complied with, so it may be that they have taken extra time to get it right, just in case.

The truth is, however, that it will depend on the biopsy examinations, and there is not really any alternative to an anxious wait. It is not any real consolation to think that discovering any cancer with this background makes it very likely to be curable rather than being diagnosed too late.

I hope that the result is a happy one for you.


Thank you Alan. I’m not very good with situations like this, have lost so many members of my family to cancer. I will come back on here and post my eventual results.

I hope everyone is coping as well as they can in their various struggles !


Hi hopeful_7, I am sorry to hear your troubles, but what I can say, is that if you personally have not noticed any symptoms then if they have found cancer you are in one of the best places to be. By that I mean, by the time many people discover OC it is already very established and that is why survival can be so tricky. If you have caught it terribly early then your chances are much more improved than the average person. Also, you cannot read into what people are thinking by their faces. My husband was actually told on the day that they found a tumour and by the looks of it, it was cancer but had to wait for the results to confirm. They knew and told him without the biopsy because it was so obvious to them, the results also came quickly after, so not a massive wait. As someone else said, they can also be non cancerous lumps. So keep your chin up. Take care, wishing you all the best. Carrie


Thanks a lot Carrie. I will just have to wait like everyone else does. Am just hoping that if it is cancer that I stand some chance of treatment. All the best Carrie.



Your circumstances sound very similar to mine. I too underwent a endoscopy and was told I had a polyp in my oesophagus. Like you they took many biopsies and eventually the diagnosis was high grade dysphasia which, I am told, is the start of those cells mutating towards cancer.

I eventually had a successful Ivor Lewis procedure six years ago which, I was advised, would be the most effective measure to irradiated the chance of getting cancer.

I hope your situation proves to be as positive as mine, albeit the journey has been a long and at times difficult one.

Best of luck.



Thanks MFH. It’s all such a shock isn’t it. The endoscopist just said it was a ‘lump’ and it wasn’t ulcerated in any way. Not sure what the significance of that is ?


Hi - yes me too! I was told at the time that it’s only a polyp and not too worry. It was not showing any signs of being cancerous. However, after a couple of weeks following the biopsy analysis I was called back to be told the ‘news’.As Alan from the OPA suggests, it seems yours has been discovered early and should be curable.

Very few people have early diagnosis, it makes such a difference.


Thanks MFH28, yes this was a routine procedure that picked this up so no symptoms. I must confess though that since I got this news I’ve started to feel pretty rubbish ! Will just have to wait and see now.


They found a lump in my oesoph .. i got advised about ivor lewis .. biopsies found the lump was due to scarring arising from acid reflux. As such i have narrowing in my oesoph.

Fingers xd your condition turns out to be nothing nasty too. Im always worried my condition will deteriorate to C .. the narrowing causes food to get lodged in my oesoph instead of flowing straight thru into the stomach and as a result there has been some cell change which hosp are monitoring (looks like half yearly).

Can i ask u prior to hosp spotting the lump how was your general health. If it is anything nasty they say that the body will itself immediately try to combat it and as a result of your body focussing its energies on making bad into good sometimes the person may experience tiredness .. weight loss .. generally feeling down. Im looking out for these symptons myself but i understand they dont always occur. How have u been.

Anyway best of luck .. i hope it turns out ok. Cheers. G


Thanks for that Gary, it’s good that your lump was only scar tissue and that you are being monitored so regularly. I think if there were any changes in your cells they would be spotted very early which seems to be the main thing. I can totally understand your worry all the same.

My lump was discovered on a routine gastroscopy ( every 2 years) and prior to its discovery I was feeling ok in myself and had no symptoms at all.

I don’t know what to think, all I know is that I’m scared of the obvious possibility.

All we can do is look after ourselves and hope for the best I guess. Cheers Gary.


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