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My doomed endoscopy

Hi, thank you all for your responses and kind words, yes I always try to be positive, move on, and smile" easier said than done" yes I have been taking esomeprazole 20mg twice a day, Gaviacon double action, ranitiden, and I have been using adjustable bed, I'm now having to sleep in almost setting-up position; still nothing is working or helping, I'm suffering day and night every moment of my life since the endoscopy about 7 month ago, before the endoscopy I wasn't so bad, at least I could sleep, before the endoscopy I did have mildly acid reflux but I could at least have some sleep at night, since the endoscopy I do not have a life, and almost everything I eat does worsening the burning in my stomach and chest, despite I'm on a very healthy and boring eating diet, lots of greens, no fatty foods, no tea or coffee or alcohol" I have also tried taking allergy tablets, thinking maybe I have some sort of food allergy. No matter what I try or take all goes in vain.

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I have done all what you said I found that I eat for breakfast every morning hash browns and eggs and glass of orange juice and it works fine I only take 20mg omeprazole at night so the acid wont backup in my throat, also I drink one table spoon of flaxseed oil and olive oil if you can tolerate that try it also drink lots and lots of room temp water it helps to wash away the acid

best wishes


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