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Phlegm in Throat

I’m new here and I was diagnosed with GERD two years ago. I am okay with it and occasionally take ozemaprozole. I experienced a phlegm in my throat which causes me to vomit after eating. It is very uncomfortable because it feels like a blockage. I also constantly regurgutate. My doctor performed an endoscopy and he stated everything was normal. He also stated that my having constant phlegm had noting to do with GERD I want to eat normally without having to vomit Is there my relief for this type of problem.? This has been happening to me in the last year.

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Hi, I have similar symptoms to your's with regards to a phlegm and mucus strikes after eating. Whilst I was searching the net, I have found out that this a natural reaction of the body immune system response; it produces these excessive amount of mucus trying to protect the esophagus from further damages occurring from the acid reflux! I'm not an expert, as you might have guessed from my modest writing, but I think that explanation it makes sense to me!

Best wishes


Thank you for your reply. I like your explanation. I just wished there was a better way to control this because it is so aggravating to eat and having to throw up because of this phlegm.


I have it all of the time, does it cause you to cough ? As I get so much unwanted phlegm its a complete embarisment. It causes me to cough so much and after 20 years I have been diagnosed with achalasia. I can't live with out a box of tissues, they are my life line, as the phlegm will always find a way of coming up.



No , I don’t cough at all. I just regurgitate often becUse it feels like something is lodged in my esophagus. I know how it feels , it is embarrassing and annoying to be belching and gagging.


Have you tried changing your diet? As I was told to stop eating bread and eat more fresh salads etc, this does help slightly, as the bread and any yeast products always got stuck in my throat and felt like it was so full up, I felt my throat was blocked.


I, too, have achalasia, with partial esophagectomy 2 months ago. I produce a lot of phlegm, too, & coincidentally found that sucking on a hard candy helps. (I use a butterscotch or Werthers). Eating is still an issue. Small amounts, and mostly soups or soft foods. NO salads.Two espophageal stretches since surgery, too. Days are spent planning on what to try to eat, slowly eating small amounts, then often regurgitating half of that, because of the same "stuck"feeling you reported. No bread. No red meat. But life goes on. Try the candies. It seems to cut the phlegm somewhat, at least for me, but I don't know why. Best of luck.

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Thank you for your suggestion. Is the phlegm build up due to GERD? My specialist said this did not have anything g to do with GERD. He said it could be allergy related. Yes, I eat slowly and small amounts like you because I’m afraid when I’m in public I may have to regurgitate. . I’m going to an allergist to see if anything can be done. I am not used to dealing with this problem, but I know a lot of people deal with GERD. Like you said, life goes on.


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